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Almost 2

February has only 28 days and  Aadya turns 2 on the 30th of March..So,she is almost two..technically 23 months now.:)
We moved to our new house on the 28th and I think Aadya  has got a new leash on life.Really.I heard her squeal happily,when she saw the house.I heard her excited squeals when S played ball with her.My baby is almost a big girl now.In her mind,I think she already is.From pointing at things to saying some words,she has moved on speaking two word sentences..and even attempting to string more words together.Like the other day,she was walking between the husband’s legs and giggling.I asked her”What’s up Aadya?” And she said,”Aadya walking shidePapa Paiir(shide=Aadyaspeak for inside or outside,whatever is applicable; paiir=legs)
Its interesting to see the little helpless baby evolve so much..but it breaks my heart to see that she is all grown up now.
There was a time,when she just wouldn’t let me get out of her sight.But now,its like her little legs have a mind of their own..actually,I think she knows now that she can wander away from me and the sky won’t fall.Now this is both good and bad.At home,I can have my momentary peace,while she does her own thing.But bad,when we are out somewhere,say,in the library.She finds books that she likes and brings them,not to other women(read moms) in the kids section and insists on them reading it,saying Peez to sweeten the deal.And all my attempts at getting her to sit down with me,are a lost cause.She looks at me like I am a strange WOMAN!
The new independent Diva,has a choice in it her meals-the day I make only roti and no rice,she wants Bhaatu.The day,there is no roti,she wants Roti.And the day that I make both,she wants Patata or Dosha!There is no pleasing this child,I tell you.That’s another story..that she has to eat what is on her plate.I tell her,she’ll get the missing item after she finishes..most days she is a sport and finishes it.By then she is too full to remember.She likes to pick her own clothes too.We are in the Pink phase still..but she has a select clothes that she likes in the non-pink stack too.Even if we ask her,what to wear,she answers Pink..and ensures that the shirt or top is pink!Not only that,she has taken to dressing and undressing herself.So,don’t be surprised if you walk into AadyaLand and are greeted by a naked child running around or one wearing an inside out dress.
She has her favorites in DVDs too.The ones topping the chart are –Ghatotkach,Adventures of Pooh,Hanuman-1 &2,Hum tum,Salaam namaste.
The Salaam Namaste Songs were played so many times,before the DVD stopped working..But,since Ghattu(ghatotkach)arrived on the scene,all other videos have moved down the chart. When she wants to watch it,she says Gattu putit peez? What is it with the kids these polite-whatever happened to demanding from your parents,with reckless abandon.
Every time,we fill her bottle,she wants to hold the cap and she takes it very seriously,this cap holding business.God Forbid,if you dont give it to her to hold,big tears appear miraculously on her cheeks and you hear holdit holdit in halting baby voice,till she doesn’t get to holdit!
Aadya has alway enjoyed being read to.But now,she sits down with her toys and opens a book and reads to them.Ofcourse,she can’t read.But,if you didn’t listen to clearly,you’d think she was actually reading the story.What she is mostly saying is…”one gibberish gibberish mamma hot.gibberish gibberish knockknonk..shleeping BEARS!”She is actually reading the Goldilocks and three Bears from her memory.I am amazed at the things she remembers.Its been more than one month,since we visited Aneela and baby Arhaan.But,even if I mention Aneela’s name in passing,she starts her narrative- Auntie..gibberish..Baby,dudu peeta…Aadya turn,Nani,uncle chokie Givmi….So,we cannot take Aneela’s name in vain around here.
I have always said Aadya is a very sensitive child.And as she is growing getting more sensitive.Her eyes tear up,when she sees another child crying..or if one of us is upset.If one of us is angry,she keeps calling out to us sweetly,till we don’t smile.If someone storms out to the other room,she goes after that person..talking sweetly,patting whichever part of the body she has access too..saying “Isshokay,Aadi Hiya(here)”..who can stay mad or upset after that reassurance.
Aadya is so in love with babies.She gently kisses them on their forehead,wants to pick them dodi(AadyaSpeak for=pick me up).She is also in love with her various soft toys too.She calls the smaller teddies Puppy-Don’t ask me why.So, each teddy or Puppy gets its turn to be pampered.They get read to,they get fed,put to sleep.She dances with them,urging them to put their feet on the ground..its fun to watch..She even blows raspberries.But its no fun,blowing raspberries on teddies,so thats when mummy is called in,shirt is promptly raised and raspberries blown on Mumma-tummy.Sometimes I wonder who the child is..It fills my heart with a mish-mash of happy and sad..:)
A couple of weeks and she will be two.Its just not fair,that just like that my baby is a toddler now and even acts all grown up…:(

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22 month old Little Lady

Aadya turned 22 months old on 30th of January.We were trying to stay cool, in the heat wave and this post was the last thing on my mind.
ms.Aadya has had a busy month..She has just turned into a little lady.Her Vocabulary has increased ten-folds and she can easily string sentences now.Sometimes the order is jumbled up but,she can very easily convey what she is trying to say.One of her earlier sentences,is “Mumma grapes give”I was so thrilled when she said that.
Her favorite pass-time is going over her day,at the end of the day.We are in bed,and she starts telling,what all she did,where she went,what she ate.Its so much fun.On our way,back from any outing,she tells long stories about our trip out.Its good entertainment for others in the bus or train.Oh and whoever is sitting next to us,or in our vicinity she waves at them.Once a school teacher was sitting opposite us,correcting his papers and didn’t notice her,waving.She got very upset and complained to me about him!! Me?I just wanted to hide somewhere!
This little peanut has the memory of an elephant and chooses to surprise us,when we are least expecting it! The other day I was singing a song for her and out of the blue,she completed it.She knows,which of our friends stay where..As soon as we pull into the parking lot,she starts calling them by their names!I swear we keep telling her to address them,as uncle/auntie..and when we call them,by their names,she never forgets to correct us,saying uncle/auntie!
The current HOT WORD is TIGHT if she doesn’t want to wear anything,its tight.If she feels hot,she says tight.Sanj took her to the supermarket,one day and she didn’t want him to buckle her up and she made it a point to tell every passer-by that she was feeling tight!!One lady actually stopped and told him,that may be the belt was too tight for the baby!!He refuses to take her out alone!!
The current favorite color is PINK! and at least one piece of clothing has to been Peek(Aadya-speak for Pink) If there is no Peek,the outfit is rejected.Going out has become a nightmare,because nothing pleases the little DIVA!Nothing,I lay out.She doesn’t even look at the clothes,I lay out on the bed,heads for the cupboard old is she?16?
Aadya likes choices..she likes to pick,what she wants to eat.So,we have a deal.She gets to pick what she wants for breakfast and snack and I get to pick what she eats for lunch and dinner.Its been working fine till now..I hope I didn’t just jinx it.
[Anti-jinx]And now,why did I say she is turning into a little lady?She now says Please and Thank you,without a prompt from us.She doesn’t accept anything from others,without checking with either of us.She says Sorry,if she so much as even bumps someone.If someone else bumps her,she tells them,”Slowly,slowly”(Aadya-speak for gently)She shifts,to share her seat,shares her snacks,toys ,without being told..[Anti-jinx] OK I am going to stop talking about my little lady now.
Aadya is showing her sensitive side too.She cries and gets disturbed,when she sees other babies cry.She wants everyone to be her friend and gets upset,if we are angry with her.And she knows if someone is angry,she should say sorry.We were visiting friends and Sanj’s friend T was trying to play with her,but she refused to play with him.He got up to go to the restroom and she started missing him.So,we joked with her,saying that T is upset and has gone away.As soon as he came back..she ran to him,saying Sorry,holding her ears..It was such a heart-melting sight.Made our hearts swell!

That’s most of what Ms.Aadya has been up to,last month.I will write more as I remember.

Pipetty-Pipette,Almost Two…
Papa&Mumma love you.

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21 Months and counting

Another 30th rolled by and Aadya inched another month closer to her second birthday.I thought I would skip the update this month..but there is just too much to share,to skip it.
The tomboy  is turning into a lovely little lady,as terrible two’s approach.She is quick to smooth her skirt,when she gets up,even quicker to cover her mouth and say sorriee,when she coughs.
She is quick to come and offer her Hep and ask for it too,when she can’t get something right!
Aadya  started talking early,saying her first words a little before 9 months but,when we moved here,she suddenly turned very quiet.She would still get her message across,but only by gestures.It was like she was playing the mime.I was really worried. But,last few weeks,have proved that my fears were baseless.
She now points at things,without a prompt,as if she is teaching us.The other day,we were in the car,and the Pipette pointed straight ahead and squealed,Ballumm..Ballumm-We looked in the direction of her hand,and sure enough,there was a Ballumm,I mean balloon,one of those huge ones,that are used for advertising. And since it was holiday season,there were balloons,everywhere,big and small,and she had a field day,pointing them out to us.And every time telling us,Wanna Ballum. Finally she got one and I think she was the happiest little girl that day.Tree,Sshanta(Santa),spicy,open it,and so many other words were sprung at us,when we were least expecting it and we were left scratching our heads,as to when we pointed those things out.
She knows that our car is Red.So,when we are walking,if she sees a red car,she stops,saying wed car..lessh sit!!! And she moves only after much convincing..And only after throwing a tantrum or two.She knows which shoes are geen and which ones are white!And her favorite color,is Pink! And Boo color is shweetu too!!!
She knows which word to use where-where? what? why?She is graduated from crying,Ohhhhhhhhh Maaaaaa,when she was upset to “Noooooooooooo,WHYYYYYYYYY”I am not kidding!!! It would be so irritating if it didn’t sound so cute!!
The little lady,will not touch her food,if she doesn’t have a spoon.She will wait indefinitely,and only when we ask her,whats wrong,why are you eating?she tells us,Poonsh!!!Half way,thr0ugh the meal,she is holding the spoon in one hand and digging in with her fingers,but,the spoon has to be there! As if that wasn’t enough,now she wants her fork and knife too when she sits down for a meal.She is quiet an expert at cutting her chicken with the knife too.
She has to pick her own clothes and some days,the only thing she wants to wear is Nothing but her diaper.She tells us when she needs a diapy change and when she has done her boopy!!Cute?imagine,you are in the temple and the other family sitting next to you,is sending sweet smiles her way,and she says,Mumma,Boopy!!!
The smart cookie knows where her stash of cookies and chockies are and promptly goes and stands there,when she is sad. She also knows when we are complaining about her,and a sulky pout is presented promptly.And above all,she knows and tells,when she gets spanked!”Maana..Maana”,she says.Kisne Maara?,you ask and she will tell you,who hit her and how,complete with actions.
As if feeding her teddies wasn’t enough,she now has,a little puppy,from Mc.Donals’s Happy meal.The Puppy is made to sit on the chair,Food kept in front of it and she tells it,”EAT”.If she is scared,she pats her head and tells us,she is Shcared.And when she falls,she tells us,where she is Hurt! And of course,only kissing the boo makes it better.She can now tell from my tone,when I am talking to the Bubba and when to my dad.
She can put on her socks and shoes without help now and when I try to help,she says,no,I do!!
My little girl is growing up!Too Fast!
And the last thing that confirmed it to me,was,When I hug her tightly,she says,Mumma No..tight! I am going to go cry..My baby is all grown up!

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20 months and counting….

Dearest Aadya,

You turn 20 months ‘young’ today.And these 20 months with you have been a roller coaster of fun,sickness,joy,frustration(both yours and ours),but whatever it is,its been an experience of a lifetime.

You want to be a big girl,and do things like your mimi and then,when we ask you to behave,and be a big girl,you say you are a babee.You want to do everything yourself,from eating to dressing up.You now,tell me what you want to eat,your favorite being Bhaatu(rice)-really Aadi,you want to eat your Bhaatu,as soon as you wake up.And whatever it is that you are eating,you need a poonsh(spoon),to eat it with.

I am amazed at what all you know,and I am not saying this,because,I am your mother.I like the way you can tell,which clothes are mine and which are your Papa’s.And you never tire of telling me,that,even if you see the same shirt 10 times in a day,you consider it your responsibility to tell me that its Papa’s. What I don’t understand,is how you recognise,the clothes that you haven’t seen either of us wear?

Aaduli,you are a keen observer and a quick learner too.You had figured out how to slip your arm out of your t-shirt,a couple of months back.And like the other fashionista ,you like slipping just one arm,out.Some fashion-statement,you toddlers are making.Anyway,now,you have learned how to put on your own socks too.And since the first successful attempt,two weeks back, you have been trying on socks of all shapes and sizes!Speaking of clothes,what is it about sleeping topless,that appeals to you?Since the last week or so,the only way,you can get comfortable at bedtime is,if you take off your shirt.And again,when we are speaking of clothes,you want to chose your own outfit,every time..perfect with mismatched socks and matching shoes!Your obsession with shoes continues and now your favorite thing is toks,that’s what you call your socks.

Your new favorite thing to do is,WALK!!and if you want me or Papa to go somewhere with you,you ask us to WALK!!You don’t like sitting in your stroller as much as you used to-these days,you get bored of sitting,while I walk and then,you want to walk too.Your newest ambition is to learn to open the restraint belts,of your stroller and car-seat. Every time I buckle you in,you lean over and try to figure out what I am doing,and practice at the first chance,you get.

As far as talking is concerned,you are saying a lot of words..its like everyday,you have a list of new words,learned.You can very effectively communicate,what you want,using,signs and words.Though sometimes,I feel that you use signing,more than words,but your Papa and all others around me reassure me,its because of the big move.I hope that’s what it is..I don’t want to pressurise you,but,start using your words,fast,little one.

And lastly,sweetheart,you need to sleep,to be fresh,through out the day and you need to stop resisting sleep.For,if you want your Mimi to be Sane,you need to stop trying her patience at bed-time!!!You only sleep,if I am lying down next to you.Though,the funny part is,when you are really sleepy,you don’t want me to touch you,but you want to touch my face and hands.strange ways,your mind works in.

These days,you are enjoying your new found want to do almost everything yourself..from changing your diapy,to using the wipes,to brushing your teeth,changing your clothes,eating,carrying your plate..everything.The only thing that you needed me for is sleep.And yesterday nite,you surprised us..You went into the dark bedroom and lay down on the bed,all by yourself,pulled the covers over yourself and called me only when you wanted you dudu.My heart welled up..My baby is all grown up.I still lay down next to you,tried to pat you,and you told me,”No No,Mamma”…My heart swell and got crushed all at the same time and as I was lying there,next to you,feeling sad,that my baby is not a baby anymore,you rolled over,and snuggled close to me..That just tells me,alls not lost.:)

Another few months and you will be 2..though,you are already showing us,what terrible twos are going to be like.But all said and done,I am sure,we’ll get through that,sometimes patiently,sometimes not so patiently,sometimes happily,sometimes,not-so-happily…

Just remember,even though at times,Mimi gets upset,irritated,angry..she loves you a lot and so does your Papa….

Love you,Babychino you,my choco-pie!!

Muaah..And please sleep well!!