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21 Months and counting

Another 30th rolled by and Aadya inched another month closer to her second birthday.I thought I would skip the update this month..but there is just too much to share,to skip it.
The tomboy  is turning into a lovely little lady,as terrible two’s approach.She is quick to smooth her skirt,when she gets up,even quicker to cover her mouth and say sorriee,when she coughs.
She is quick to come and offer her Hep and ask for it too,when she can’t get something right!
Aadya  started talking early,saying her first words a little before 9 months but,when we moved here,she suddenly turned very quiet.She would still get her message across,but only by gestures.It was like she was playing the mime.I was really worried. But,last few weeks,have proved that my fears were baseless.
She now points at things,without a prompt,as if she is teaching us.The other day,we were in the car,and the Pipette pointed straight ahead and squealed,Ballumm..Ballumm-We looked in the direction of her hand,and sure enough,there was a Ballumm,I mean balloon,one of those huge ones,that are used for advertising. And since it was holiday season,there were balloons,everywhere,big and small,and she had a field day,pointing them out to us.And every time telling us,Wanna Ballum. Finally she got one and I think she was the happiest little girl that day.Tree,Sshanta(Santa),spicy,open it,and so many other words were sprung at us,when we were least expecting it and we were left scratching our heads,as to when we pointed those things out.
She knows that our car is Red.So,when we are walking,if she sees a red car,she stops,saying wed car..lessh sit!!! And she moves only after much convincing..And only after throwing a tantrum or two.She knows which shoes are geen and which ones are white!And her favorite color,is Pink! And Boo color is shweetu too!!!
She knows which word to use where-where? what? why?She is graduated from crying,Ohhhhhhhhh Maaaaaa,when she was upset to “Noooooooooooo,WHYYYYYYYYY”I am not kidding!!! It would be so irritating if it didn’t sound so cute!!
The little lady,will not touch her food,if she doesn’t have a spoon.She will wait indefinitely,and only when we ask her,whats wrong,why are you eating?she tells us,Poonsh!!!Half way,thr0ugh the meal,she is holding the spoon in one hand and digging in with her fingers,but,the spoon has to be there! As if that wasn’t enough,now she wants her fork and knife too when she sits down for a meal.She is quiet an expert at cutting her chicken with the knife too.
She has to pick her own clothes and some days,the only thing she wants to wear is Nothing but her diaper.She tells us when she needs a diapy change and when she has done her boopy!!Cute?imagine,you are in the temple and the other family sitting next to you,is sending sweet smiles her way,and she says,Mumma,Boopy!!!
The smart cookie knows where her stash of cookies and chockies are and promptly goes and stands there,when she is sad. She also knows when we are complaining about her,and a sulky pout is presented promptly.And above all,she knows and tells,when she gets spanked!”Maana..Maana”,she says.Kisne Maara?,you ask and she will tell you,who hit her and how,complete with actions.
As if feeding her teddies wasn’t enough,she now has,a little puppy,from Mc.Donals’s Happy meal.The Puppy is made to sit on the chair,Food kept in front of it and she tells it,”EAT”.If she is scared,she pats her head and tells us,she is Shcared.And when she falls,she tells us,where she is Hurt! And of course,only kissing the boo makes it better.She can now tell from my tone,when I am talking to the Bubba and when to my dad.
She can put on her socks and shoes without help now and when I try to help,she says,no,I do!!
My little girl is growing up!Too Fast!
And the last thing that confirmed it to me,was,When I hug her tightly,she says,Mumma No..tight! I am going to go cry..My baby is all grown up!


3 thoughts on “21 Months and counting

  1. Awww cuteeee!Just read your last couple of posts – me and my sister went shopping on Boxing day too, didn’t find any parking at 10am and had to go a little further to park in a private carpark of a friend – and then we shopped till we dropped – literally untill we were not able to walk anymore and there was no room left in the car for anymore stuff!A very Happy New year to you too !


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