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Almost 2

February has only 28 days and  Aadya turns 2 on the 30th of March..So,she is almost two..technically 23 months now.:)
We moved to our new house on the 28th and I think Aadya  has got a new leash on life.Really.I heard her squeal happily,when she saw the house.I heard her excited squeals when S played ball with her.My baby is almost a big girl now.In her mind,I think she already is.From pointing at things to saying some words,she has moved on speaking two word sentences..and even attempting to string more words together.Like the other day,she was walking between the husband’s legs and giggling.I asked her”What’s up Aadya?” And she said,”Aadya walking shidePapa Paiir(shide=Aadyaspeak for inside or outside,whatever is applicable; paiir=legs)
Its interesting to see the little helpless baby evolve so much..but it breaks my heart to see that she is all grown up now.
There was a time,when she just wouldn’t let me get out of her sight.But now,its like her little legs have a mind of their own..actually,I think she knows now that she can wander away from me and the sky won’t fall.Now this is both good and bad.At home,I can have my momentary peace,while she does her own thing.But bad,when we are out somewhere,say,in the library.She finds books that she likes and brings them,not to other women(read moms) in the kids section and insists on them reading it,saying Peez to sweeten the deal.And all my attempts at getting her to sit down with me,are a lost cause.She looks at me like I am a strange WOMAN!
The new independent Diva,has a choice in it her meals-the day I make only roti and no rice,she wants Bhaatu.The day,there is no roti,she wants Roti.And the day that I make both,she wants Patata or Dosha!There is no pleasing this child,I tell you.That’s another story..that she has to eat what is on her plate.I tell her,she’ll get the missing item after she finishes..most days she is a sport and finishes it.By then she is too full to remember.She likes to pick her own clothes too.We are in the Pink phase still..but she has a select clothes that she likes in the non-pink stack too.Even if we ask her,what to wear,she answers Pink..and ensures that the shirt or top is pink!Not only that,she has taken to dressing and undressing herself.So,don’t be surprised if you walk into AadyaLand and are greeted by a naked child running around or one wearing an inside out dress.
She has her favorites in DVDs too.The ones topping the chart are –Ghatotkach,Adventures of Pooh,Hanuman-1 &2,Hum tum,Salaam namaste.
The Salaam Namaste Songs were played so many times,before the DVD stopped working..But,since Ghattu(ghatotkach)arrived on the scene,all other videos have moved down the chart. When she wants to watch it,she says Gattu putit peez? What is it with the kids these polite-whatever happened to demanding from your parents,with reckless abandon.
Every time,we fill her bottle,she wants to hold the cap and she takes it very seriously,this cap holding business.God Forbid,if you dont give it to her to hold,big tears appear miraculously on her cheeks and you hear holdit holdit in halting baby voice,till she doesn’t get to holdit!
Aadya has alway enjoyed being read to.But now,she sits down with her toys and opens a book and reads to them.Ofcourse,she can’t read.But,if you didn’t listen to clearly,you’d think she was actually reading the story.What she is mostly saying is…”one gibberish gibberish mamma hot.gibberish gibberish knockknonk..shleeping BEARS!”She is actually reading the Goldilocks and three Bears from her memory.I am amazed at the things she remembers.Its been more than one month,since we visited Aneela and baby Arhaan.But,even if I mention Aneela’s name in passing,she starts her narrative- Auntie..gibberish..Baby,dudu peeta…Aadya turn,Nani,uncle chokie Givmi….So,we cannot take Aneela’s name in vain around here.
I have always said Aadya is a very sensitive child.And as she is growing getting more sensitive.Her eyes tear up,when she sees another child crying..or if one of us is upset.If one of us is angry,she keeps calling out to us sweetly,till we don’t smile.If someone storms out to the other room,she goes after that person..talking sweetly,patting whichever part of the body she has access too..saying “Isshokay,Aadi Hiya(here)”..who can stay mad or upset after that reassurance.
Aadya is so in love with babies.She gently kisses them on their forehead,wants to pick them dodi(AadyaSpeak for=pick me up).She is also in love with her various soft toys too.She calls the smaller teddies Puppy-Don’t ask me why.So, each teddy or Puppy gets its turn to be pampered.They get read to,they get fed,put to sleep.She dances with them,urging them to put their feet on the ground..its fun to watch..She even blows raspberries.But its no fun,blowing raspberries on teddies,so thats when mummy is called in,shirt is promptly raised and raspberries blown on Mumma-tummy.Sometimes I wonder who the child is..It fills my heart with a mish-mash of happy and sad..:)
A couple of weeks and she will be two.Its just not fair,that just like that my baby is a toddler now and even acts all grown up…:(


5 thoughts on “Almost 2

  1. gosh trish! feels like yday when u guys dropped in… and now u’re saat samundar paar :(and aadi’s all grown up. :(how time flies… what plans for her bday this year?! 🙂


  2. Raysh-Awww..I know what you mean..Remember how she was clinging to me,at your place!!Shobana-Thanx..As for birthday plans, a small do at home with friends-hers and ours.2B’s Mommy- you just might be able to..NZ is on my destination list in near future.MM-Hugs..:)


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