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20 months and counting….

Dearest Aadya,

You turn 20 months ‘young’ today.And these 20 months with you have been a roller coaster of fun,sickness,joy,frustration(both yours and ours),but whatever it is,its been an experience of a lifetime.

You want to be a big girl,and do things like your mimi and then,when we ask you to behave,and be a big girl,you say you are a babee.You want to do everything yourself,from eating to dressing up.You now,tell me what you want to eat,your favorite being Bhaatu(rice)-really Aadi,you want to eat your Bhaatu,as soon as you wake up.And whatever it is that you are eating,you need a poonsh(spoon),to eat it with.

I am amazed at what all you know,and I am not saying this,because,I am your mother.I like the way you can tell,which clothes are mine and which are your Papa’s.And you never tire of telling me,that,even if you see the same shirt 10 times in a day,you consider it your responsibility to tell me that its Papa’s. What I don’t understand,is how you recognise,the clothes that you haven’t seen either of us wear?

Aaduli,you are a keen observer and a quick learner too.You had figured out how to slip your arm out of your t-shirt,a couple of months back.And like the other fashionista ,you like slipping just one arm,out.Some fashion-statement,you toddlers are making.Anyway,now,you have learned how to put on your own socks too.And since the first successful attempt,two weeks back, you have been trying on socks of all shapes and sizes!Speaking of clothes,what is it about sleeping topless,that appeals to you?Since the last week or so,the only way,you can get comfortable at bedtime is,if you take off your shirt.And again,when we are speaking of clothes,you want to chose your own outfit,every time..perfect with mismatched socks and matching shoes!Your obsession with shoes continues and now your favorite thing is toks,that’s what you call your socks.

Your new favorite thing to do is,WALK!!and if you want me or Papa to go somewhere with you,you ask us to WALK!!You don’t like sitting in your stroller as much as you used to-these days,you get bored of sitting,while I walk and then,you want to walk too.Your newest ambition is to learn to open the restraint belts,of your stroller and car-seat. Every time I buckle you in,you lean over and try to figure out what I am doing,and practice at the first chance,you get.

As far as talking is concerned,you are saying a lot of words..its like everyday,you have a list of new words,learned.You can very effectively communicate,what you want,using,signs and words.Though sometimes,I feel that you use signing,more than words,but your Papa and all others around me reassure me,its because of the big move.I hope that’s what it is..I don’t want to pressurise you,but,start using your words,fast,little one.

And lastly,sweetheart,you need to sleep,to be fresh,through out the day and you need to stop resisting sleep.For,if you want your Mimi to be Sane,you need to stop trying her patience at bed-time!!!You only sleep,if I am lying down next to you.Though,the funny part is,when you are really sleepy,you don’t want me to touch you,but you want to touch my face and hands.strange ways,your mind works in.

These days,you are enjoying your new found want to do almost everything yourself..from changing your diapy,to using the wipes,to brushing your teeth,changing your clothes,eating,carrying your plate..everything.The only thing that you needed me for is sleep.And yesterday nite,you surprised us..You went into the dark bedroom and lay down on the bed,all by yourself,pulled the covers over yourself and called me only when you wanted you dudu.My heart welled up..My baby is all grown up.I still lay down next to you,tried to pat you,and you told me,”No No,Mamma”…My heart swell and got crushed all at the same time and as I was lying there,next to you,feeling sad,that my baby is not a baby anymore,you rolled over,and snuggled close to me..That just tells me,alls not lost.:)

Another few months and you will be 2..though,you are already showing us,what terrible twos are going to be like.But all said and done,I am sure,we’ll get through that,sometimes patiently,sometimes not so patiently,sometimes happily,sometimes,not-so-happily…

Just remember,even though at times,Mimi gets upset,irritated,angry..she loves you a lot and so does your Papa….

Love you,Babychino you,my choco-pie!!

Muaah..And please sleep well!!


2 thoughts on “20 months and counting….

  1. happy 20th to l’il lady!! :Di love the independent streak she seems to have!! 🙂 will make your life easier eventually!heres to many more eventful updates in the next month!and as for talking, she is doing fine, me thinks! they say walk at one and talk at two!! :)she is still good 4months away!!cheers!abha


  2. happy 20th, kiddo. they’re such fun huh? they do everything together, these two. noo’s been trying to figure out how to put on socks too! she’s also figured how to put on the restraints on her stroller and carseat and is now working on getting them off. scaaaary.glad to know that she’s getting better with the sleep issue! yay, pipette!


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