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22 month old Little Lady

Aadya turned 22 months old on 30th of January.We were trying to stay cool, in the heat wave and this post was the last thing on my mind.
ms.Aadya has had a busy month..She has just turned into a little lady.Her Vocabulary has increased ten-folds and she can easily string sentences now.Sometimes the order is jumbled up but,she can very easily convey what she is trying to say.One of her earlier sentences,is “Mumma grapes give”I was so thrilled when she said that.
Her favorite pass-time is going over her day,at the end of the day.We are in bed,and she starts telling,what all she did,where she went,what she ate.Its so much fun.On our way,back from any outing,she tells long stories about our trip out.Its good entertainment for others in the bus or train.Oh and whoever is sitting next to us,or in our vicinity she waves at them.Once a school teacher was sitting opposite us,correcting his papers and didn’t notice her,waving.She got very upset and complained to me about him!! Me?I just wanted to hide somewhere!
This little peanut has the memory of an elephant and chooses to surprise us,when we are least expecting it! The other day I was singing a song for her and out of the blue,she completed it.She knows,which of our friends stay where..As soon as we pull into the parking lot,she starts calling them by their names!I swear we keep telling her to address them,as uncle/auntie..and when we call them,by their names,she never forgets to correct us,saying uncle/auntie!
The current HOT WORD is TIGHT if she doesn’t want to wear anything,its tight.If she feels hot,she says tight.Sanj took her to the supermarket,one day and she didn’t want him to buckle her up and she made it a point to tell every passer-by that she was feeling tight!!One lady actually stopped and told him,that may be the belt was too tight for the baby!!He refuses to take her out alone!!
The current favorite color is PINK! and at least one piece of clothing has to been Peek(Aadya-speak for Pink) If there is no Peek,the outfit is rejected.Going out has become a nightmare,because nothing pleases the little DIVA!Nothing,I lay out.She doesn’t even look at the clothes,I lay out on the bed,heads for the cupboard old is she?16?
Aadya likes choices..she likes to pick,what she wants to eat.So,we have a deal.She gets to pick what she wants for breakfast and snack and I get to pick what she eats for lunch and dinner.Its been working fine till now..I hope I didn’t just jinx it.
[Anti-jinx]And now,why did I say she is turning into a little lady?She now says Please and Thank you,without a prompt from us.She doesn’t accept anything from others,without checking with either of us.She says Sorry,if she so much as even bumps someone.If someone else bumps her,she tells them,”Slowly,slowly”(Aadya-speak for gently)She shifts,to share her seat,shares her snacks,toys ,without being told..[Anti-jinx] OK I am going to stop talking about my little lady now.
Aadya is showing her sensitive side too.She cries and gets disturbed,when she sees other babies cry.She wants everyone to be her friend and gets upset,if we are angry with her.And she knows if someone is angry,she should say sorry.We were visiting friends and Sanj’s friend T was trying to play with her,but she refused to play with him.He got up to go to the restroom and she started missing him.So,we joked with her,saying that T is upset and has gone away.As soon as he came back..she ran to him,saying Sorry,holding her ears..It was such a heart-melting sight.Made our hearts swell!

That’s most of what Ms.Aadya has been up to,last month.I will write more as I remember.

Pipetty-Pipette,Almost Two…
Papa&Mumma love you.


2 thoughts on “22 month old Little Lady

  1. Mimi, even baby is through the tight-loose phase. She can name anything as tight / loose randomly. So, same pinch with you 🙂


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