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Goodbyes hurt :(

Babushka’s transfer from her old kinder was very sudden.She finished last week there and started this week at the new Kinder.So she never got a chance to say g’bye to her teachers and friends.I called up her two friends parents,over the weekend and told them that she would be going to the new kinder.We all promised to keep in touch..lets see how that goes..but anyway,g’byes to the teachers were pending.
Yesterday,SD was home because I was,we sneaked out for half an hour,and visited with her teachers.
Babs was fine, on the drive over..just a little quiet.Then as soon as we pulled into the parking lot,she said,”Mumma,I don’t want to say good bye, you could do it..” I felt so bad..I said, we wouldn’t say good bye,just visit n go back..She agreed to go inside.
Her teachers were happy to see her and said,they were going to call me,about what was going on..Then,they started asking Babs about her new Kinder..and Babs,just kept changing the topic,focusing on her doll instead. Then,she finally told her teachers,that the new school was good.. but could she still come here.The she saw the lockers and asked,if the aeroplane locker was still hers. Her teacher,Anna was in tears and asked her for a cuddle.. and she said,”Dora is sad too,could you give her a cuddle too?”
Gosh!!I felt sooo soo horrible.
Then we took some pictures..The fool that I am,forgot to check the camera batteries..and yup,you guessed it! The battery was dead.I ended up borrowing the school camera and took pictures with that. Anna promised to email them to me.
After some more cuddles and promises to visit when the baby arrived,we left.
Babs,was quiet on the way home..When I asked her,what happened,she got upset and said,”Don’t talk to me..I am cross because I had to say good bye..I dont like saying good makes me sad..I want to go to both the schools.”
All I wanted to do then was just hug her tight n take her hurt away. I wish I didn’t have to change things for her..really…
I know she will outgrow it..I just hope that over time,Goodbyes become easier for her and her poor heart doesn’t break like her silly mother’s..:(


9 thoughts on “Goodbyes hurt :(

  1. wELLL when the heart breaks for this w eknow our heart n moind is in its right place.. so jus keep the fingers crossed 🙂


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