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Today Post 20

It was Babushka’s first day at her new Kinder today. And she loved it!!(touch wood,NOW!)
She was feeling a little shy to begin with..sticking close to me,asking me to stay near her.Then her teacher came and said Hello to her..and thats it..:) She started loosening up.
She told her name,loud and clear and then picked out a locker to keep her bag. Here,in this school,there are no designated lockers,the kids can pick whichever one they like and then, the parents can attach a velcro name tag to the locker.
I had to hand in her re-enrolment form and submit some the time,I was done,Babs was happily building towers with wooden blocks,sitting next to two other girls.
When I went to say goodbye to her,she hugged me and said,”I love you,Mumma”..I was so happy to see her settle in like that. And also,felt a tiny bit guilty for having yelled at her,in the morning.Then,I had 3 and a half hours to kill. I could have just come back home,but we had a tiring weekend and I knew,if I came home,I would just go about finishing my chores,before heading out to pick her up.So,I just gave myself a break and hung out in the the newspaper,leisurely,read magazines..then grabbed some lunch at the food court..window-shopped a little,read some more..and generally chilled around.
Oh at the food court,I went to my favorite Kebab place..OMG!this pregnancy I am ODing on Chicken Shawarma. So,after I finished ordering,the girl at the counter asked me,where I had left my little girl..:) Gosh! It warmed up my heart,even before I had the first bite.. you know,I love the familiarity of the suburbs..where after the first few times,even the cashier at the grocery store recognises you:) LOL! yeah I am crazy like that.

Anyway,it was such a relief to not be running to get to school in time…:) As soon as I stepped in the door,the Teacher’s Assistant told me,”Oh!she had a nice day.She did great!” And you know what,today,she was sitting up front and not in the back,like in the old school. LOL! No No,I am not saying this to gloat that she is a first bencher..I am just saying that she was sitting upfront and talking to the teacher..instead of just sitting in the back,listlessly. She used to be so tired and cranky,by the time,I went to pick her up,in the other school..She had eaten a full lunch before going and even finished her school snack!!YAY!!!
And as we were leaving,she asked me,if she can go back to this school,again tomorrow..YES YES!

I hope this happy trend continues:)


10 thoughts on “Today Post 20

  1. ooh the Kebab place got my attention 🙂 .. it is a feel good feeling when people know you …

    ANd a front bencher wowo the little one is doing good.. well much better then me .. I was the ever green Last bencher..

    But I was a OUTSTANDING student Oh yesss I was .. alsways STANDING OUT of the class 🙂


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