Baby #2

New words- Day 11

Ms.Ananya has been saying so many new words..and we are all so proud of her. Whenever she says a new word,we all cheer for her.Sometimes she indulges us and repeats the word again..other times,she just smiles and babbles more.
Some of the new words that she has been saying a lot in the last week or so are :
1)Wow-Whenever we are looking at something,anything,she peeks in and says,”WOW” clear!
2)See– When I click pictures of her,she comes straight at the phone/camera and says,”See?” and after looking at it,”Wow”..On some occasions,she has told me,Na Na Na..when she didn’t like the picture that I clicked.
3) Kaega-[Khayega means to eat in Hindi] 3 days back,I showed her some Paneer and asked Ananya,”Nanna Khayega?” And she answered..”Kaega” OMG! It sounds so cute..when she says it.
4) NaaaNuu– Yup!! She is saying Naanu now.(Nanu=grandpa)..yesterday,she kept saying NaaNuu,Naanu,when she was playing,I immediately called up my dad so he could hear it and the cheeky monkey refused to say it..just when he was hanging up,she said..NaaNuu..I can bet a million bucks,he went to bed,Happy!!
5)Japper-Ananya has a friend,called Jasper.He was born a day before her and fate brought us together 🙂 His mum is a very close friend now. So,anyway,she calls him,Japper!
6) Diapah- Yes,she know what it is.She said Diaper today..and I said what?She pointed at her diaper and said ‘Diapah!
7) Car!!! Ask her where is abc? Abc can be ANYTHING-remote,pacifier,didi,anything that is not in front of her and the answer is ALWAYS-Car!
8)She said- Diwali- today! She watches our lips and then tries to say the words..

And her most used words are:Didi,Aadya,Papa,Mumma,Mummyyy, Baby,give,this,NO! Give and this are usually used when she wants a feed! And Baby..well whenever she sees something cute-an animal,baby or when she is upset..she cries out baby!!LOL

Ahh my little munchkin has words now.. bittersweet!!


8 thoughts on “New words- Day 11

  1. She is such a smart lill girl..while reading this I cud connect her to my lill one n his attempt to speak too!! He too says “khauga” the moment I just call him when I m in the kitchen n diaper for him is “aiyyo” whenever he sees it he looks down n says “aiyyo” 🙂


    1. Awww he is soo cute!I so wish to see him..Hopefully next time I am in India,we can plan a reunion and you can cuddle up with Anan and I can cuddle up with L!


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