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Ms.Ananya is getting bigger and busier..She amazes me with her understanding of the things around her. She picks up on moods..she tries to be cute when she knows that she is in trouble. She is not one to get scared easily.If we raise our voices around her ..she plain ignores us and goes on with her business. When she sees that she has no escape and needs to face us,she smiles at us, that cute toothy,scrunched up nose smile..If we don’t relent she bats her eye lids or just keeps at the cuteness till we dont give up.
We were at a friend’s place and she thought it was fun to keep hitting her 18 mo ..hitting ,grabbing her hair…I gave her several warnings and then put her in the high chair..she was distraught..I took her out..and asked her to say sorry..She gently patted her friend’s face-her way of saying sorry and reached for her hair again! I picked her up,put her on the couch and was telling her off-‘blah blah..If you do this again,Mumma will put you back in the high chair..blah blah…’ She looked at me and said,”High Chair?” OMG!I was so excited at the new word..I said yayy and clapped..and she gave me this weird look!!
And the next day,she wasn’t paying attention..So I started counting,”One,two…” Now normally when I do the count-down with Aadya,she does what is required of her..But,this cheeky,when I said,”One,two..” she said..Theeeeeeee and clapped!!LOL!
She has a new bedtime routine now. When we tuck in Aadya,Ananya wants to climb up on the bed..sleep next to her,pull the covers up to her neck,like didi..Then,I have to kiss them both g’nite and turn off the lights and leave the room. They huddle up together..Ananya tries to whisper things to her sister..LOL! And then 5 minutes later.. gives her a big kiss..ummmah and leaves…
She love music,absolutely loves it.I think,she was born to dance-anything remotely musical is enough to make her tap her feet..Oh and she loves singing-tries to copy the tune as much as she can:)
She can now climb up on the couch herself and get off from the couch and the bed..but its so funny,when we are out,even if the couch is the same height or lower than ours,she needs help!LOL!But I like it how she can just climb up and relax on the couch!
Her favorite activity is doing “Jai-Jai” with Papa.When SD sits down to pray,she wants to play there.She climbs in and out of his lap,saying Jai-Jai..and he favorite thing in the prayer room is the Red Hanuman Chalisa book.There are tears if she is denied that.
Taking her to school for pickup is a big pain.She wants to walk alone,no holding hands,no sitting in the pram..just walking straight ahead,not a care in the world..bumping into kids and adults,walking through crowds,while mumma and didi follow,mumma saying sorry to people and didi giggling at her silly sister. And when Mumma tries to hold her hand,she calls out to all the people walking by and says,”Ow!OW!OW!”
She is soo naughty..she is so adorable..she is so funny..She adds so many smiles and giggles in our life.. Love my little silly billy!


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