family fun

Day 27

Today started at 5:30 am with a loud clap of thunder.It was so loud,literally felt like someone is trying to break into the house.Aadi woke up scared and ran into our room.
At 7 am,the skies were so grey,it almost felt like night and it was pouring.I told Aadi that she could stay home,if she liked.And she got so upset.She wanted to go to school,because it was the day of Performing Arts. So,we woke up and got dressed.
And then,it was just the usual day..
By school pick-up time,the skies had cleared and the weather had improved.So,we decided to go for a walk before dinner.Nanhi in her pram,Aadi on her scooter and SD and I walking along.I love love love such family times.The last time we took the scooter out,Aadi was bored of riding in the first 5 minutes.Today,we were out for 45-50 minutes and she rode the scooter,for the first 30 minutes or so and then she got tired.By then Nanhi was also tired of sitting in the pram,so we let her walk.They both walked holding SD’s hands .. A sight that made my heart turn into mush…
Some more mush..
Aadi was walking/running ahead of Nanhi & SD and Nanhi called out to her,’Aadi..aaja aaja’

Aadi ran up to the pram to grab her water and picked up Nanhi’s also and gave it to her before drinking her own!

When Nanhi wanted to walk,SD objected saying,she might want to go on the road.And I told Aadi,’Papa used to say the same thing to you..and he would get mad at me,for making you walk on the road,even though you wanted to.’ And in all seriousness,Aadi told SD,”Papa,Nanna is very cute..look she really enjoys walking,you shouldn’t get angry with mumma or her..She is really cute,Papa.” I told her,Aadi you are cute also..and her response..”yes I know..but she is my little sister and so she is veryyyy cute!”
erm.. OK..this generation knows no modesty!

The best part- I remembered to wear my heart-rate monitor and wore my walking workout shoes,that one of the mums at school gave me.And when we finished the walk,I had burned 215 cals and everyone had a great!
Hope you had a nice day too..


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