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Mum of two-Day 20

Yes,by now its well established that I am mum of two.:) SD was home and Ms. Ananya had a cold and fever(she is cutting a new tooth!).So I left her home with him for school pick up.And at least 4 people asked me where she was.Forget about others,I felt weird walking with just one.

After school,we went grocery shopping-Aadya and I . Since Ananya came along,I can count the occasions on my finger-tips,when I went out without her.But having just one of them,on the grocery run made it so much easier.I found everything I needed from three stores and in less than 1 hour,we were done. Aadya had my full attention and so she didn’t mind walking around,because it was our special time. I only forgot the mayonnaise.Not bad,eh?

We came home from shopping and Ananya’s excitement at seeing was so cute. She came to the door and I tried to pick her up,she pushed me away and followed her sister to their room..They cuddled and chattered on.And then,there was silence.One was on the bed lying down-tired from all the walking  and the other was sitting on the floor,pretending to read a book. 

Being a mum of two means its your job to break their fights-it doesn’t matter if they are 4.5 years apart. It is also your job to make sure you give them both the same of everything..even if they are 4.5 years apart. *smiles* But it also means that you get double the love,double the cuddles,double the kisses.. double of everything. 

They were trying out a new snack and I asked Nanhi to give me a taste.She said No! (No is her favorite word! She says No,when she wants to No;she says No,when she wants to say yes) Aadi offered me hers and immediately this monkey offered hers too. 

I was in the kitchen and Nanhi came running and grabbed my knees.I said,”I love you,Nanhi”,Ummmah she replied..and piped another voice..”Mumma do you love me also? “..”Yes I do baby..I love you,Aadi”,I replied…Ummmmahhhhhhh Ummmaahhhhhhhh.. See double of everything!

My days are night are sleepless,but I love every moment of my crazy life as a mum of two..If I have another life,I’d happily chose this crazy chaotic mush,over any thing else in the world..:)



6 thoughts on “Mum of two-Day 20

    1. Thanks LiFi!!I love the new nick!!:)
      Its funny how these pint-sizes come in and take over our life..but whats funnier is we won’t have it any other way,right ?:D


    1. Aww..thank you Jazz.. sometimes when I am typing these out,its more out of odd happenings through out the day and I wonder if I should hit the publish button or not and then I see comments like yours and I am glad that I did!
      Thank you 🙂


  1. 🙂 Felt weird walking with one? Happens to me too . And it feels so much more easy. I wonder why was I so overwhelmed when I had just one. Ditto on loving to be a mom of two


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