You know you are a mom,when….

…  when the baby throws up her dinner on you and you calmly clean her,clean the carpet,remember to tell the husband to switch off the gas and THEN  jump into the shower.

… when you are mad at someone,not because they broke your trust..But because their actions upset your child.

…. when your heart swells with pride,watching your child having a serious conversation with her friend about some imaginary characters.

…. when you can overlook the mess on the high-chair,ice-cream on the clothes,chocolate hand-prints on the walls,because your   naughty monkey looks adorable with ice-cream on her face and all you can think of at the time is to capture that moment and freeze it like that.

….when being able to shut the bathroom door for 2 secs,before the banging begins,is a luxury!

…. when you are dying of hunger..and still can’t bring yourself to stuff your face before feeding the baby.

…. when you find yourself rocking or moving,and then realise that you are not holding the baby!!!!

…. when you can remember a particularly crazy moment during the day and then start giggling to yourself..because at a later time,you can see the humor in the situation.

You know you are really truly a mom when every ounce of your being..your heart,mind,body and soul has been taken over by  little midgets,known otherwise as your babies…and you love being  their ‘captive’.

Do share your-“you know you are a mom when..”


2 thoughts on “You know you are a mom,when….

  1. “.when being able to shut the bathroom door for 2 secs,before the banging begins,is a luxury!” Cant tell you how much this point rings true in my case too, Trish!

    Loved and nodded my head all the way till the end of the post 🙂



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