Is it just me or are you excited too..?The festival season begins in India soon and I can’t help but feel oh-so-excited…

9 days of festivities that are Navratri begin on the 16th of October,followed by Dusshera on the Oct 24th.

Then,there is Halloween on October 31st..Growing up,I never celebrated Halloween,but a few years in the USA,made me like this festival.The excitement of kids,the indulgence of grown ups,the  decorations-I love everything!

Then,it will be time for Diwali,the festival of lights.. by the time we get over the Diwali Fever,it will be time to get ready for Christmas!! For the longest time,we would put up fairy lights,for Diwali and take them down only the day after New Year’s Day.

Along with that,there are other events that happening around..special days at school,party invitations..I can safely say,the silly season is upon us..and My heart is jumping for joy!!

I leave you with one of my favorite Indian Ads-

And some sweets to bring in the festive season… Besan Laddu from my kitchen!


8 thoughts on “Excited..

  1. Yaa very excited. It almost starts from the time of a Lakshmi Puja we perform in August which is followed by the Ganesha Puja and then Dasara and Diwali 🙂 What fun!


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