Weigh-in Wednesday-3

Yayy! 3rd weigh-in of this round and I am happy happy today.. Lost a total of 1 kg since last wednesday… Clean eating pays!!

Speaking of clean eating,this weekend I told Babushka that no more Junk food..and especially not Mc.Donald’s food. And then as luck would have it..someone from her class invited her to a party..at..Mc.Donald’s.So,this little Diva,came home and told me..” I know,I am not allowed to eat at Maccas,Mum..but I can still go and play in the outside play area..”I said,why dont you go and play in the park..and then out came the invitation.

I had to keep a straight face..very difficult that was..but I told her,it was fine..she was allowed to eat there,when she was invited to a party.

BTW,I saw this today and its so me…


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