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I refuse to be scared…

I was not going to write this here.. because I was absolutely not going to think about anything bad..but damn it! I can’t stop thinking.. and not even a single good thought is coming to my mind.So,I write.
When I was pregnant,I felt a certain little lump in the left abdominal region.I thought it could be the baby’s foot or something..
After the baby came out,the lump was still there,firm to touch..its getting a little painful to touch. My GP asked me to get an ultrasound done. And I did..first one guy did it,then he called his boss,who did it again.Then they asked me to wait another half an hour and did another scan.
I got back home and he called me up and said,I need to go back in again,the next day..for a day later scan.All I know is that its the kidney region.
I was OK with till the time,I didn’t get the call to go back the next day. Now,I am sore for the scan..and I can’t stop thinking bad things..I am trying to be brave and not be scared..But every time,I look at Babykins,looking at me and smiling,I feel like I am going to start crying.. Every time,I see Babushka..I want to hold her and hug her.. I really hope its something silly… I hope I don’t go crazy till Thursday.. that’s when I see my Dr. and that’s when I get my results.
Can I just ask you to please send me lots and lots of positive vibes?


22 thoughts on “I refuse to be scared…

  1. It’s ok to be tensed and scared, but don’t let the fear make you feel low.
    Don’t worry dear…you’ll be just fine.
    {{{hugs}}} and sending tons of ++++++++ vibes your way 😀


  2. Dont worry. It will be fine.. If it was something serious they would not make you wait so lonf… Woukd have called you immediately.

    God is great..

    All the best my wishes your way..

    How are the little one’s doing.


  3. Hugs my dear, everything is going to be alright..You are just worrying for no reason..Take care and don’t think abt it please..


  4. Ok. deep deep breaths. Sending prayers, TONS of postive vibes and loads of love your way. And dont worry, its going to be fine. Just fine.

    For heaven’s sake, keep me updated. Please.



  5. I will pray for you, everything will be fine. Do post the results as soon as you get them. Don’t worry, Stay Positive, okay?


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