Sorry,for updating late..I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.The girls are sick.First the baby came down with a horrible cough..its so painful to hear her cough..that hacking cough.
Then Babushka got allergic conjunctivitis..She is getting better.. but the baby woke up with sticky eyes today!! Phew!!
Anyway,as for my Dr. visit.. the Ultrasound was inconclusive and now I need to get a CT scan!So,the waiting game begins again..!!I am still freaking out.. but I guess,by the time I get the results,this time..I will be so over it!LOL!
On a positive note,I passed the GTT(post delivery Glucose tolerance test!) so YAYYYYYYYYY !
And have lost nearly 8 kgs,so far!!so yayyyyyyy yayyyyy yayyyy!!
Come join me for the happy dance..and we’ll worry about the results later!!
Thanks for sending me love and positive vibes!


6 thoughts on “Update..

  1. GTT?? I have no clue what it is.. But Yayyyyy. Iam joining you in the happy dance 🙂
    Sending you more love and positive vibes… Hope the kids get well and your wait will be over soon with a happy note 🙂


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