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36 weeks and counting!!

This post has been in the drafts since Monday now!So,I am past the 36 week mark now..yayy baby! I can’t believe it,a couple weeks back,even this looked so far off!
I went for my check up on Monday and all seemed well.. now,we’ll have weekly appointments.The first time,I never got around to going for weekly check ups,because, Babs was born as soon as I hit the 37 week mark.
Babykins is doing well and his/her weight is around 3 kgs now.So,we are just counting days till the 25th or labor,whichever comes first.
Gosh!I feel so tired.. and yesterday,was the first day,I went out wearing my maternity jeans after many weeks- last couple times I went out,I wore just my super-stretchy pants..and thats when I realised how much my belly has popped.. the T-shirt was riding up,the belly belt was riding low and somehow I loved the roundness of the belly..Babs noticed it too and came and kissed my belly..:P Someone recently asked me,if I will be happy,to get rid of my big belly and big body… Surprisingly,I think not!I lurveeeeeeeeeee being pregnant and love my pregnant body 🙂 Even with all the hurts and pains,everything:D
Even despite Gestational diabetes to the C-sec everything!:) I think I am weird like that..GD or C-sec was never a big deal for me.. Ok may be GD was a little bit of a bummer the first time..but this time,I was OK..
But the C-sec..the first time,round itself,I was quite calm,I prepared for a natural birth but was ready mentally for the possibility of a C-sec..and boy!Am I glad,I was prepared.. simply because,I ended up having an emergency C-sec! And I waited and waited and I waited some more,but the disappointment never came..:P Like I said,I am weird like that!
This time as well,I did everything possible to avoid getting GD,I ate the right stuff right from day of positive pregnancy test.. and luckily for me,I found out quiet early..(5 weeks!) but in the back of my mind,I always knew that the chances of me getting GD,are high..and so,when it did come up,I was alright..:)
Anyway,just a couple more weeks and I will have the new bub in my arms:) and it will all be so worth it:) I don’t know why I am writing all this today..I guess I just want to get it off my head:)There are so many things,I want to write.. but just soo tired.. I blog mentally and forget to hit enter:D

Before I hit publish.. something that Babushka said today-
I asked her to call up SD to ask him something..I dialled the number,put the phone on speaker and asked her to talk..she told me,”why should I?you could do it!!” I said ‘No!I am mad at Papa and I am not being friends with him’..She shook her head and said,’Awww but you don’t have to be friends with are his WIFE!!’ LOL!!! I burst out laughing.. and told SD about it,forgetting that I was not talking to him!LOL Why was I not talking to him?I don’t remember.. and u know the funny thing.. he didn’t even know that I was not talking to him..uggggggggggh… but I guilt tripped him and he did say the usual sweet things so I forgave him.. for whatever it was that I was angry about*still scratching my head,wondering what it was*


17 thoughts on “36 weeks and counting!!

  1. Yayayyay! you are super cool..if I had GD, I would have freaked out…*Bows to thee* Hope things come out perfectly fine for you..please do let us know once you deliver and tell SD to post on the blog 🙂

    and Babs is fun na…often even I forget why I fight with RD..but hey blame the forgetfulness on the pregnancy..our body is doing so much in creating a new being, you expect us to remmember on top of that..nah! not possible 🙂


  2. Ha ha ha! Men!
    And Babs ws abs. rt 🙂

    U knw what is my gr8test worry after reading this post 😛 I will be travelling the entire last 13 days of July 😦 So I will get to know abt Babykins arrival sooooo much later hmmpf 😛 😛


  3. Yay! 36 weeks is here. Baby can come anytime now. Soooo much excitement. 😀

    Can’t wait for you to tell us about the D-day 🙂


  4. LOL at the last part ..cannot stop smiling at her sweetness 🙂
    BTW ..pregnancy does that to you , I was crying bucket full last night and I decided that will not talk to hubby till he really really apologize but I was talking normally to him this morning and realized when it was of no use 😛

    All the best dear ..all will be well 🙂


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