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So I spend two days gloating happily and how can things stay like that?? huh? huh?
On Sunday,SD backed the car into the garage shutter and so the garage shutter is like stuck-the car can’t get out of the garage..and I haven’t driven AtALL since receiving my licence.
And today I went for my weekly monitoring..And spent the whole day in the day stay unit! First they couldn’t get the baby to move and when it finally moved,it wouldn’t stop!!! The baby’s pulse rate kept accelerating and they refused to let me go home.The midwife on-call called up the Pregnancy assessment unit asking to transfer me this point,they asked us to put in atleast 2 hours worth of coins in the parking meter and stock up on more,because they didn’t know how long I would have to stay.
Babushka was so tired and flustered..SD was at work and I had gone there with my brother. I sent them both to pick up SD and asked SD to drop them home and come back to the hospital.Finally at around 4:30 the mid-wife was satisfied with the readings and said,I could go home.By this time,SD had been picked up and he decided to come to the hospital to see me first..Thank God for that! Finally we got back home at 6:30 pm! We had left home at 8:30 AM! SD joked that I spent a full working day at the hospital..I was so tired,I didn’t laugh..glared at him instead!
Good Friend M made some lovely tea for us,so we made a pit-stop at her place,before coming home.
As of now,I have been asked to take it as much as I can..HORIZONTALLY! LOL! yeah if thats possible!

On a happy note.. SD and baby bro set up Babykin’s crib on Saturday..And seeing the crib there makes me feel soooooooo WOWWW!! Now,to wash his/her clothes and bedding!! Oh and today,we complete 35 weeks and enter the 36th!!YAYYY!
As for my mood- I am soo irritable..specially with SD.. so irritable like I want to bite his head off!!LOL! And don’t you go saying nice things about him! Coz I am just so irritated.. and here’s the thing..I dont even know why!!! LOL Poor guy,he has been pretty patient so far.. the only thing he has said so far is..’You can forget about baby#3 because,I don’t know a pregnant you!’ Yeah right!
And Gosh!I am soo tired!Like even my face hurts.. even my brain hurts! I should stop writing.. hopefully,I will feel better after a good night’s sleep!


12 thoughts on “Ugh!

  1. God! I hope you are fine and nothing to worry..

    and baby# 3….kidhar hai SD’s feet…please fall on his feet from my end..or rather lemme just do that virtually (You shouldnt bend okie?) – he is even THINKING about baby # 3..mahan hai woh

    Please take care of your health okie?


    1. Yeah I’m fine and so is the baby 🙂
      And as for baby#3..umm umm..I am the one who wants a third..*looks sheepish*
      And yes,I am trying 🙂 to take care of my health..:P


  2. Take it easy sweetheart and take lots of rest
    Yaaaaaaaay!! I can imagine your excitement on seeing the crib 😀 😀
    As far being moody I can sooooooo relate to that 😀 😀


  3. Yes I have this theory of three kids supposing bany 1 and baby 2 fight over something and are nit talking then baby 3 is required for compromise…
    How does that sound good logic…

    All the best sm take care how long to go nowwwww…


  4. oohh lala want 3rd baby are great !!

    btw ..lets both get to a corner and cry and shout together 😛 Although I am behind you ..I am already so irritated and cranky and crying baby 😛


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