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CSAAM April 2011

A few weeks back,Kiran and Monika asked a bunch of us,bloggers,if we would be interested in spreading awareness about Child Sexual Abuse.Most of us jumped at it.
These two amazing ladies,took it a step forward and emailed many many more people..it was amazing how many people expressed interest in the cause..Countless emails later,the blog has gone live.
As parents,we all want to keep our kids safe from predators of all kinds and sex offenders are the worst kinds.Heck,even before I became a parent,I wanted to keep the kids around me safe,from this kind of monsters.Sadly,our society has a tendency to hide these things under the carpet,as a result the victim,is the one who ends up feeling guilty. The whole idea of this initiative is to let the victims know that they are not alone,they are the ones at fault..and that someone understands,what they have been through.
So across the month of April 2011, over 40 bloggers in the blogosphere will come together to post on various aspects of Child Sexual Abuse in a bid to create awareness about an issue which affects over 50 per cent of children. This, the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month April 2011, will run across their blogs as well as the CSA blog, which will be . In addition to these posts, the CSAAM blog will feature survivor stories, posts by experts and NGOs working in these fields. Through this concerted effort we hope to bring Child Sexual Abuse out of the closet and teach parents how to educate their children about predators, preventing their children from being abused and knowing how to deal with such a situation should it occur. Our children deserve a safe and happy childhood.

So come join us in the effort and Keep your child safe.

If you would like to add to the discussion or know somebody else who would, please note that we welcome entries

■mailed to csa.awareness.april@gmail.com OR
■posted as FB notes and linked to Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month Page OR
■posted on your own blog with the badge and linked to the main blog OR
■linked or posted on Twitter tagged twitter.com/CSAAwareness OR
The list of topics is available here. Anonymous contributions are accepted and requests for anonymity will of course be honoured. Please remember to send in a mail with all necessary links or just your input to csa.awareness.april@gmail.com so that we can track your contribution and make sure that it is not inadvertently lost or something.
If you have something to share,but don’t have a blog,I will be more than happy to let you do a guest post here.


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