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Of Little Fashionistas and patient Daddies

We went shoe-shopping for Babushka today.When we started looking,I saw some sneakers and went to the next aisle to see if there are anymore options.Now,SD is a quick shopper and has no patience for stragglers like me…who like to walk around various aisles and shops and then finally pick one thing or on some occasions, walk out,without buying anything. So,as I was saying,I spotted the sneakers I was after and then,went to the next aisle to check for other options and heard SD cluck and say..’Now,why can’t you look at what you came to look at!’ By now,I am used to it..and just ignored his frowns and clucks and words..and walked on.We picked the sneakers and Babushka tried them on.And she loved’em. Then we went to look for a second pair..Now,it was SD’s turn to give up..he found himself a stool and settled down. We went and found tiny UGG replicas..after much deliberation on color,we picked black..She tried on the new pair and strutted around.And thats when she spotted a pair of shoes that her current BFF A at school had.. and she had to try those on,and in all the available colors,too.And she was convinced that that was that was the best pair for her. I was really keen on her getting the black UGGs but no she wouldn’t budge.I looked at SD for help and he just shrugged..’Oh come on!! let her pick!!!’
Humpff..Whatever.. the guy,who wants me to finish my monthly grocery in half an hour,he who doesnt understand why I need to try on clothes,sat patiently as his daughter tried shoe after shoe and supported her choice,in a heartbeat!! Ohh Well..I have my heart set on the black uggs and will go back and pick them up.. in a day or two..:P Whattttt??I wanted a girl,so I could dress her to my heart’s content..not soo..she would start vetoing my choices so early on in life!!!


6 thoughts on “Of Little Fashionistas and patient Daddies

  1. Yeah. These dads change colors bigtime! They’ll take on all the nakhras of their little girls but have little paitence with our nakhras. Ditto to why I wanted a girl. I’m always on the lookout for colorful ribbons and hair clips now πŸ™‚


  2. Daddy’s little girl…always….& with the little ones the dads can have like loads of patience….lekin wives ke saath nahin….arrrgh


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