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Can we do some Padhai?

says Babushka! Don’t believe me??
See this:

She wrote these all by herself,and without any prompting too. A ‘T’, an ‘A’ and an ‘F’,another ‘A’ and random scibbles,that I have now forgotten-So what if the F is the wrong side.. she did it all by herself..And before you say,its because of Kinder..No,sirree..No! Its all her! No Kinder,No Mommy,No daddy..All Babushka! I am so proud of my little girl.I taught her how to write A long back.. but then,decided to teach her to recognise alphabets,first..:)
Slowly and steadily,we worked through the letters of the alphabet-using books,magnets,flashcards and last but not the least, and now she recognises all but 8 random alphabets.The funniest is everytime,we come across a ‘W’,she will turn the magnet or the card/book upside down and say,”this way,it looks like M and this way like W”..
I was teaching her phonics as well..just during random play and Starfall helped to grasp it even better.I also downloaded the App on my iPhone and let her play with it..(what?its better than watching TV,na?) And now,she wants to know,what every word starts with!! It is fun!I tell her the sound and she guesses the starting letter.And the look of pride on her face,when she gets it right is priceless!
I had stopped teaching her to write,as I could see,it was stressing her out..And I am glad,I stopped.. because,now when she wrote,on her was amazing..she wants to write on her own all the time now and even makes letters using straws and sticks.
And we are doing some numbers too.. counting by rote upto 10 is something she mastered very early on.. now she is trying to do upto 20 and still fumbles sometimes,which is fine.. we are not in a rush.She loves counting figures and on her fingers..and does simple addition and subtraction,using her fingers.Gosh!!its almost like,I can see her mind working..:)- Eyebrows furrowed,forhead creased,eyes crinkled!!
And its at moments like these,that I feel relieved that I didn’t pressurise her,when I saw other moms around sending their kids for Kumon and Phonics classes..I feel happy that I let her take the time and let her set the pace,while I gently helped her move along:) Its moments like these that remind me,why I always wanted to be a SAHM for my babies,in their initial years..:) And thats when I am glad to be,what I am:)


6 thoughts on “Can we do some Padhai?

  1. Awesome A !!! Proud moment for you 🙂 I think along the same terms in not pressurizing the kids. As it is they have too much on their plate now a days.


    1. Thankss Aunty Mniamma-says Babushka!..
      And as for me..I couldn’t agree with you more about kids having too much on their plates these days…I feel we had such an easy-going childhood..:)


  2. awww! such imp milestones! Cub has also started trying to write. without any effort from us.

    he still doesnt get the hang of phonetics and honestly i dont know them too. must try this starfall business! 🙂

    give her an extra hug ftom me!


    1. Thanks Abha 🙂 and isn’t it amazing when they pick up something by themselves..:)
      And yes,do try starfall..GoofyMumma pointed me to it and we haven’t stopped since.Also,I am not too fluent with phonetics too.. and so,I tell her the ‘hindi’ sound of it.. and that helps a lot too.. try that!


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