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Babushka is currently Od-ing on –
*An in-utero baby video on my iPhone,courtesy of Babycenter-the baby is waving and playing with her cord.She can’t get enough of it!!
*2 tsps ginger chai diluted with half a cup of milk.She has the flu for the last 3 days and what started as a last-ditch effort to get her to down something,has turned out to both our advantage.Every morning,when she wakes up,she has a bite of something to eat and then asks for her chai.She is happy feeling like a grown up..I am happy to see her down something.
*Daddy- SD had managed to accumulate some excess leave and was promptly asked to take time off..a certain number of days before the end of this month..So,much to Babushka’s joy..he is having longer weekends and doing fun things with her..:)
*Treats and candy- Refer to previous point. SD is home and always,always melts at the puppy-dog face and a sweet voice saying-‘Daddy pleasee can I have just one last??Pleaseee Papa??’

As for me-I am just tired between cooking,cleaning,raising the bratty father-daughter duo..baking the bun..All I want to do is flop on the couch and sleeeeeeeep..zzzzzzz


6 thoughts on “Od-ing

  1. One post and so many things in common. My husband and I took this week off as there were a few days from last year that we have to take before the end of this month.

    My daughter is sick and has been sipping ginger tea. She loves it more for the reason that she gets to act like an adult.

    Love your blog. Will stop by for more.


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