Of emotional Atyachaars….and chocolate chip cookies!

LOL ..OK OK may be not atyachaar..but Ms.Aadya sure knows how to emotionally blackmail me.For the last couple of days,she has been asking me to make cookies..but,all the walking,the cold has been making me too tired to even think about baking.She asked again today at nap-time.I told her if she slept,I’ll make some..She didn’t ..so I didn’t make any.I thought the matter was closed.But I thought wrong!
I had a headche all day long and just got through it,one hour at a time,waiting for DH.When he came home,I finished cooking dinner and gave Aadi a massage.And then,I occupied the lounger seat of the couch and vegetated..ummmm NO! No sooner had I settled my heavy bottom on the seat,that Ms.Aadya started her emotional atyaachaar..”Noo..Noo you cannot sit down..Noo “
I moved to the next seat.“Noo I said,you cannot sit down..you have to make cookies“..
I begged ,grovelled ..”please baby..I’ll make it tomorrow”
” No then,I will be very sad..and I will cry..you have to make it today..koi good day main nahi banana..”
[don’t make it in the morning]and on and on she went..till I finally took pity on my pounding head,told her to put her fingers on her lips and sit on the couch..she did..atleast for the first 10 minutes.
Then came to remind me..”Mumma,bhoolna bhi matt*,I want chocolate chips..” yes yes..how can I forget! [*Mumma Don’t forget]
5 minutes later- Mumma I am going to sit on the couch fingers on my lips,can I pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee get chocolate chips?
5minutes later-“Mumma,I want sit her and watch you..I want to watch my mumma“..By now,I was rolling the cookie dough.I have to tell u..we have a rule-She cannot pick the choc-chips from the dough..and when I am rolling..I cannot stick the ones that fall off,back..So,she took her place ,next to me..watching ,waiting for the choc-chips to fall.
Then,she helped cut some and the put them on the tray.When the cookies were ready,one little girl was veryyy happy.And we were give strict instructions to not touch ‘her’ cookies! I asked DH to taste and the cheeky monkey says,”No no Papa don’t eat,its too sweet!” LOL
Here are the said cookies:

I played around with Monika’s Recipe ..and added some oats to the flour. I love Monika’s recipes because..we think similar,in terms of reducing fat/sugar and using whole wheat flour instead of maida..do give this one a try!

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment on my Li’l Birdie Giveaway post .thanks for the name,Shruti! To avoid confusion,I will not be replying to comments on that post,no offense anyone:)

P.P.S.-This post was written yesterday..but I need matter for a post everyday,because I signed up for NaBloPoMo again..so,I changed the date of the post!


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