Ear-aches,nazar and all

Aadi has been whiny and crying last 2-3 days,remember? today DH tells me it cud be nazar or the evil eye.Coming from him,its abig deal.you know how we moms are always first to blame any illness of the precious baby on the evil eye,but coming from the dad its a big thing.
Apparently he thinks its because of me and my fondness of posting her pics on FB,orkut n the likes.I hushed him,but it kept bothering me.
well she woke up,crying at 7.30 complaining of ear-ache and has been whining since then..and now I believe him 😦 She has been sleeping in my lap on and off,then wakes up and doesnt want to sleep again.Its 10.30pm and we still havent had dinner and more importantly,she has just had a cup of milk and 2 biscuits,tonnes of water..and a small dinner roll all day.
I am just hoping to get through this night..our doctor’s office is closed for the night..and she will not sit and wait endless hours in an ER.Just let this night pass..


11 thoughts on “Ear-aches,nazar and all

  1. ohhhhh dear. I can understand its scary. Just pray to god and it’ll b alright. Hugssssssss to u. Hope she recovers soon. Sorry I dunno any home remedies for ear pain. But constantly chewing something might help.


    1. Yeah the non-stop crying is enough to make you second-guess..Thankfully,my wits stay about me,even in the worst situations.
      The only home remedy I knew and tried was – boiling some mustard oil with pieces of garlic..cool it and then put 2 drops in each year.As a child,i used to have an ear-ache every few days and this always worked.
      It worked on her too..and she got some sleep..but woke up after some time..:(


  2. OMG…ear aches are really bad. Hope Aadi feels better soon. I remember how my mom used to make us wear a kala dhaaga around our neck under the pretext that nazar nahi lagegi. Also every now and then she would utarofy nazar with mirchi or salt and mustard. Not sure if its just a blind belief due my mom but I somehow believe in it. You can try out doing that..it sure doesn’t hurt.
    Hugs to you …all this shall pass away soon!!!


  3. Poor baby..ear aches are the worst..i used to always be plagued by them as a kid..mostly in the winters because of the wind…when you go out put cotton in her ears.

    And dont worry about this nazar thingie- do it if it makes you feel better- but dont let it freak you out. Aplya nashibat je ahe te konihi badloo shakat nahi- not even the evil eye!


    1. Aww..yes..I know..I used to have a lot of ear-aches too..and wasnt allowed to go swimming:( She is as stubborn as mule,when it comes to all this..i got her doc to tell her this time..that she needs to wear hats..hopefully she listens to him.
      And soo true -aplya nashibat je ahe te konihi badloo shakat nahi:)


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