One year old

Its been a year to the day we moved Down Under.And we have come to like it.We still don’t love Melbourne or Australia,whole-heartedly..we still miss America..but we have developed a fond aquaintance with her.
In the past,reaching the one year mark,meant dusting the suitcases..because it would be time to move soon..hopefully not this time(anti-jinx!).
We came here with 6 bags,some baby gear,and a suddenly-gone-quiet toddler,a broken heart,an excited spirit,almost no friendsand most importantly a new job.
Now,the 6 bags are half filled with things we don’t need and/o can’t part with..the toddler can’t stop talking,the broken heart has since mended,the spirit is tired but still going strong,the new job is not so new any more. We have met many many new people..and made some friends for life.
All in all,a nice year..I think :)This is by far the quickest one year for us.

P.S.-I have been trying to publish this post for over an hour..


10 thoughts on “One year old

  1. I know what you mean. I have been in Singapore for 3 years and still haven’t gotten over the US 🙂
    Your toddler has suddenly gone quiet? Why is that? I need to catch up on your previous posts. Happy 1 year in AUS!


    1. woww..3 years.. and i thought you guys had moved around the same time as us:)
      but yes…its hard to get over US!
      The toddler had suddenly gone quiet,then..i guess the big move was a lot for her to deal with..:)


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