DaBloPoMo Day-2

The good thing about writing DaBloPoMo is that you dont have to think of a title..Coz its been a long day and I just am not thinking straight..
I am so tired..Sanj was gone all day..the good thing is he wasn’t working!He is a part of the cricket club of our suburb and they had a one-dayer today..and no there was nothing exciting about it..atleast not for me,anyway.He left at 10.30am and got back at 6.00pm..almost like work day,eh…and I had planned on taking the day easy..we have been out most of this week-park,library,mall etc..so,i wanted to just REST…but toddlers don’t understand REST! The girl is like a ball of energy..that never stops..She didn’t nap..and I couldn’t sleep either.
We had friends over for dinner..I feel like I have cooked so much in this month…we have had guest over every weekend this month..T-I-R-E-D!
Anyway,I am going to the market again tomorrow and I made three cards,just to jazz up the stall.
The husband’s verdict is -“If I were a consumer,I won’t buy it.This is a complete waste of your time..who would want to waste money on a blank card..?I know I won’t.”This is what he had to say.
What do you think?
Go on say it..its OK,I can take it.
More later,after I get back from the market..
In the meantime,I would like to hear your say about the cards…and also,what do you look for in hand-made cards?


4 thoughts on “DaBloPoMo Day-2

  1. well would also depend on pricing Trish ..we had a stall of hand made cards yesterday in office ..all of them very beautiful ..but they were triple (or more) than the price of a usual cards with all those wordings that you get in market. So though I drooled a lot I did not buy


  2. yes..thats true..Swati..some of the handmade cards,I saw this time,in the market..were lovely..but very expensive…I hunt for bargains..on blanks and embellishments..and so try to keep the cost under two dollars.


  3. For price under two dollars… I would absolutely buy it. I love handmade cards as they are unique and the receipient won’t have 2 o3 of the same cards 🙂 I love the cards you made. Very cute.


    1. Thanx AP!! Wish you were closer..:D
      Thats what I like about hand made cards too,that they are unique and the recipient won’t have similar cards..I remember one year on my birthday,I got atleast 3 double cards..


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