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Good morning

Hi again everyone..and a big welcome,to those of you who,stopped by.I thought a lot about what the welcome post should be..then,realised,that the reason why I moved again,was to be spontaneous.The first thought in my mind is Aadi’s morning greeting.

Every morning,after Sanj leaves for work and before Aadi wakes up,I have some quiet time,when I check my emails,sip my tea,peacefully,without the fear of a certain two year old climbing into my lap,plan out my day and the likes. And almost everyday,just as I am finishing my tea,comes the first call,from the bedroom..”Miii”..I stay quiet,”Maa” comes the next call..I get up and go rinse my cup,then,comes the third call,”Mamma”,now,I answer.

And then begins our crazy day,out toddles my beautiful baby,shouting,”Hulloooooooooo” I pick her up and hug her tight.she hugs me back and touches my face,and says,”Morning, Mamma”I reply,Morning sweetheart..did you sleep well? Yeah,she replies..and continues hugging,saying,”My mummy,my mamma,Aadya’s Mummy”…just the right note to start the day with…It fills my heart with so much joy,I am ready to forgive the naughtiness that fills the rest of the day..but when the series of mischief begins,the joy is long forgotten..Oh the joys of motherhood!


20 thoughts on “Good morning

  1. Just updated ur link in my blog…and isn’t that a perfect start to the day! My oh my…the pains of having a little boy is just striking me…the first thing he says in the morning is “I’m hungry” and “No brushing”.


  2. Lovely post and so apt when you have just moved 🙂
    Same here. Mornings start out lovely with a lot of hugs and kisses but as the day progresses, it keeps getting worse. Bedtime; it’s again back to lovey dovey 🙂


  3. Wow, this blog looks great. I agree, the mornings and the bed times are the best. We moms can deal with the rest of the day for that 🙂


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