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Crochet-world October 2000 issue
Crochet-world October 2000 issue

This weekend, I hit jackpot in the magazine section,at the local library.Ifound a whole stack of  Crochet-World Magazines.These are old issues,from 2000..But,jackpot is a jackpot is a jackpot!

After I did a jig and hyperventilated for sometime,I quickly scanned the surroundings and then picked up the whole stack and settled down on the nearest chair.But,hubby dear and the daughter,had other plans and started creating a fuss.So,I just grabbed the first 3 magazines and came home.I found this in one of the magazines-

I wanted to make it right away.Only I had Anchor No.10 thread and it called for No.20 thread.So,I decided to follow my own pattern.I was pretty happy with the result..only the bookmark,sort of curls up at the top edge.Any ideas why?

 I have been working on big projects for the last so many months and needed instant gratification..And this is just what I needed.

For this project,I used-
Thread- Anchor No.10 thread
Hook- 1.75mm steel hook.


4 thoughts on “Filet Bookmark

  1. that looks nice….

    I think it is because of the tension on the thread it is curling….hope it will be ok after you block it…

    I don’t know if there is any other techy reason for it….i’m still a beginner in crochet


      1. Trish…i think you might be too tight with your chain when you start…

        it used to happen to me like that….gradually it gets to normal when you progress in crochet…


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