…Of moving again..*ducks,before you start throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes,at me*
I know I know I promised…but hear me out.
Last few days,that I have been sick..and not blogging much,I have been reading my old blog..the Sunshine one..the one where I first started writing,the one where I met most of you..and I realised that what I wrote on that blog,though everyday,mundane stuff,with it was written with so much interest and love.I moved blogs and went back to it,again and again.
Then,something happenned and that prompted me to start this blog with psuedonyms for all of us and I realised that the posting became more mechanical..and for sometime also quiet censored..
Reading those old posts made me realise,I dont enjoy writing with psuedonyms..Its just not the same and its just not me.So,I have decided to move yet again..one last time..This time its final I promise!!!Really promise.
Now for the name -the name that came to me instantly the first time..is the name that has stayed in my mind…and in yours too,i hope.
And also a move to wordpress..Since I am moving urls,might as well move there..Password protected posts are definitely better than posts stored in draft.So,I guess its good-bye blogger ..and hellooo wordpress.
So,we are moving for the last time(fingers crossed)..and I am not going to leave you here..come on over to –
going over to welcome you now.


10 thoughts on “Thinking…..

  1. Oh good. Updated.
    I moved too, from emgisempire.blogspot.com to happyhoursbeginhere.wordpress.com.
    Do visit 🙂


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