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The one where I sat behind the wheel

…And loved it.
We are house-hunting,like crazy.All of Saturday,was spent in house-hunting.We saw 4-5 houses but didn’t find anything that we just loved.We are planning to move to the suburbs,now.After the last week or so was spent agonising over the choice of apartment vs house,city vs suburbs,we finally chose space over hustle-bustle.So,after we had looked at all the houses that we had short-listed and were just driving around to see,if there were any other houses open for inspection.We landed up on an empty street.The Bubba looked here and there furtively,eyebrows furrowed with concentration.I asked him,what was he thinking of doing.He replied,”Something I shouldn’t be doing…”I was still trying to think what that would be,when he stopped the car.Mentally,I braced myself to say to him,if he wanted to make out..after all it was broad daylight,in the middle of the road and Aadya was wide awake!!
But it never came to that.He asked me to get off..alarm bells went off in my mind..”WHY?? I screamed,”Coz I want you to drive,”he said calmly.No way..I started giggling nervously.He almost pushed me out of the car..and I sat behind the wheel,giggling nervously.Aadya caught on my nervousness and was confused to see Mimi behind the wheel,while Bubba sat in the passenger seat.I heard from a mind and eyes,on the road.I didnt want to screw this up.She was saying..Mimi..Mimi…Papa Papa Shtaredd shtared(scared)-Now i don’t know if she was telling the bubba that mumma is scared or if she was scared for her life,with Mumma behind the wheel.For the first time,since the Aadya’s arrival,I didn’t care to look at her,cute face..I was just staring straight ahead.
I gingerly drove a little over 100 feet,first with the bubba,helping with the steering wheel,then,he just guided me,and i did it all by myself..And I cannot tell you how liberated I felt.It was a feeling like never before!!And then I had to stop..Bubba took over..but my day was made..I spent the rest of the day,on the 9th cloud.
I am just waiting for the day,when I get the licence officially!!


7 thoughts on “The one where I sat behind the wheel

  1. House hunting(are you buying) is so much fun.And learning to drive is the best feeling in the world. Are you taking lessons?When is your test?Good luck on both counts 🙂


  2. House hunting is something I love and hate at the same time. Good luck with your hunt and best of luck with your driving too.


  3. that is awsome. enjoy the house hunting. it is so much fun to dream and make that dream come true.whoawwww – you are growing 4 wheels?!!! cool!


  4. asaaan-house-hunting to rent..and it is fun :)driving is even more fun..i havent taken a date for the test yet..depends on househunt.2B’s mommy-thank you!!AP-yesss..:)Subhs-Thanxx sweetie 🙂


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