Two sides of the coin…

..The coin being Melbourne.Since we moved here,life is zooming by at jet-speed.I have gone from friendless and lonely to having busy weeks and weekends,so much so that,we haven’t had time to rest the last 2 weekends.So anyway,my point is I am happy at peace where I am..But this isn’t what I was thinking a few days back.
Last week my neighbour came knocking,complaining about something.I spoke to her,said I understood her point of view etc.But she had more in mind,than just that.She told me to get some help for little Aadya..As the way she cries is not her crying disturbs her and her family..and she went on and on..I was ok till she said about Aadya needing help..That made me so mad.I had dozed off,when I was putting Aadya down for a nap and her banging(yes thats what it was) woke me up.So,I was still sleepy,when she was talking all this..and then i was so mad..I couldnt say anything.
But it just left me with such a bad after-taste. I broke down when talking to Sanj..and then I fumed and vented with a friend.But,then,when i was done being angry and shedding tears,I realised,how ridiculous she sounded.I mean I can’t think of a 2 year old,who doesnt cry or run around and scream..
They cry,when they are tired,angry,hungry,frustrated,uncomfortable..whatever.They squeal when they are happy,excited,playing.I mean its natural ,right?
I am doing all I can to keep her quiet at nights and if she is awake till late,I keep her in the living room(our bedrooms share a wall)..but if she wakes up crying,in the middle of the night or early morning,what can I do really?
I have decided,she isn’t worth the trouble and I should just ignore her,but what do I do,I can’t stop thinking about it?I even went to the extent of thinking,that we should move out right away,then Sanj explained..why should we?Its not like,we are going and making noise in front of her house,or if we are making all the noise to disturb her or trouble her.If she is living in a rental property,she should compromise a little.
I am sure we’ve all had noisy neighbours sometime or the other.But you have to maintain some basic courtesy.
So,anyway,this happenned sometime on Wednesday and I spent the next two days,feeling crappy.You how it is,that you think..ohh what am i doing in the crappy place?I mean its not nice,walking on egg- shells in your own house.
Anyway,on Friday,I decided to go to the city..the hustle-bustle of the city always cheers me up.It just fills me up with so much excitement and enthusiasm.We walked around in the city for a while.Then we plopped ourselves on a bench outside BigW(a store much like Walmart).An old lady came and sat down next to us.Aadya was her usual friendly self.The old lady said Hello to her,and Aadya offered her ,her snack,”Share?”..The old lady was thrilled to bits.After a while,she took out something red and gold from her bag and offered it to Aadya.I thought it was just a shiny paper,that she wanted to give a little kid.She asked me if she could give it to her,i said yes.Aadya promptly dumped it in my lap.And I saw that it was actually a gift envelope and she had tucked in a 5 -dollar bill in it.I refused,but she insisted,telling me how she had 6 grandkids 4 boys and 2 girls..and how Aadya ¬†reminded her of them.But more than anything else,she had the sense to share at such an young age.She said,the money was just a token of her good wishes,and blessings for Aadya,wishing her success in everything and a good life.I was truly touched..and decided,”Its not such a crappy place,afterall.”
Oh and did I tell you,I was on cloud nine for the rest of the weekend? After all,she is MY daughter!:)


2 thoughts on “Two sides of the coin…

  1. haan bhai haan…she is YOUR daughter…now to find out where that bench is and do some ” kamaee” for myself this weekend!! where is this super granny?!!


  2. :)awwww! thats so sweet! its always nice when someone makes your day crappy someone else comes along and brings a smile! :)and i think that neighbour of yours is just being totally unreasonable and you should so totally ignore her!am prod of your patience to be so nice to her! :)and Pipette is so cute and such a good kid! Good job Mommy!cheers!abha


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