Braving the Heat-wave

I have turned into a lazy blogger..no,seriously..I used to have uninterrupted hour or so,at the end of each day,dedicated only for blogging.I used to look forward to that time.Aadya would be in bed,Sanj on his calls,and me,I was mouse-happy.This move changed everything..Sanj doesn’t have his calls anymore(which is good) ,Aadya doesn’t go to bed easily(which is bad) and I just don’t get any down time(which is very very bad).So,every time,I am alone-I blog mentally..but,never get around to writing anything..Sad as it is..I miss my downtime..I miss blogging.And sometimes when everything is right and I get some time,I try and catch up with all the other blogs..but as i said,I am turning into a lazy blogger..from being a regular commentator ..i have turned into a mere lurker.So,please bear with me..while i go through this phase..I WILL BE BACK!! heeeheehawhaw..OK that was just me being silly.

Anyway,this time my excuse is the heat-wave.Most of Australia has been facing a major heat-wave, last couple weeks.this last week was the worst..temperatures have been reaching a high 45-47 deg.The days are hot and humid..unbearable heat and the nights are even more unbearable.I haven’t cooked in 2 days.My kitchen is west facing and receives the evening sunlight.On a normal day,its hard to be in the kitchen for those few hours,when the sun shines the strongest,before setting.But last two days were terrible terrible.I cooked rice at mid-day and it was still warm at dinner time.

We have been going for long drives,every night,after Sanj comes home,just to stay in the cool air-conditioned car!Add to all this misery,a sick baby.Poor child,has yet another ear-infection.She fell sick from Sunday night,with a fever ranging from 100.5-101.5..The fever would come down temporarily with Panadol..only to rise again.She was crying all day..whimpering in her sleep.It broke my heart,into thousand pieces,when she coughed in her sleep and cried,”Slowly,slowly”(She says,slowly slowly when she wants us to be gentle with her-like if i am combing her hair and it hurts).She would sleep only if I held her,even in her half-drugged state,she would whimper-“Doddi,Doddi(godi-pick me up).

After two hot days,I started my search for a cooler..and guess what,all the coolers were sold.I was told,I was 11th in the wait-list,at one store..the next one told me,I had a higher probability of finding the Holy Grail,than a cooler…after around 10 calls,I found one over-priced,cooler.And I grabbed it.Confirmed the order on the phone and asked Sanj leave work early,so that we could go pick it up.

Today,it was slightly bearable,the first half of the day.by afternoon,the temperatures soared again.I have never ever seen such extreme heat.The trains were running late,as the train tracks were giving away,due to the heat.The trams were running late.We were without electricity for an hour or so..we spent most of it in the bath-tub..Luckily,the power came on..and our beloved fan started working again.Aadya started crying,as soon as the cooler and fan,got turned off,by the power cut.She thought,Mimi was being mean!!LOL!Just goes to show how much I torture her.

We went for a drive and then to the beach later.And it was cold there.We loved the cool breeze,but Aadya was shivering.I had a sweater in the car.My old sweater,that my grandma had knit for me,when I was sixteen.I rolled up the sleeves and made Pipette wear that.She looked like a purple Casper ,running around in that over sized sweater.There is a fake shipwrecked Ship on the beach,which has a slide,a knotted-rope,climbing thingy(anyone knows what it is called?)Aadya ran around,falling,giggling…with both of us taking turns chasing her.

She took a fancy to little boy.She boldly went up to the bouncy where he was sitting and chatted up his mother.The lady was impressed,she asked me if Aadya goes to a day-care..coz she is not at all shy..I smiled and proudly told her,No she doesn’t.Yes!it was one of those proud to be SAHM moments.Then my dear little girl decided she had to kiss the little boy..not once,not twice,but three times..uff..My baby was smitten!Sanj had an exasperated look on his face..and as soon as we were out of ear-shot,asked me,”Why does she have to kiss the boy?” “Umm..what can I say,she is your daughter!!”I replied..That comment was not taken well,I will tell you that much.

Now,its cooled down..and Sanj and Aadi are happily in bed,snuggled under the quilt..But,I had to break this lazy blogger jinx..so here I am typing away at 3.00 am.
Tomorrow will be another long day of house-hunting…hopefully,we’ll find something we like..we are so desperate to move!
Anyway,all you lovely people have a lovely weekend.


3 thoughts on “Braving the Heat-wave

  1. Quilt? it actually cooled down enough in Carnegie to use a quilt…with us it was bliss just to turn off the AC and sleep in front of the cooler.BUT WE HAVE POWER (yet)…they did say in the news that there are plans to “share” electricty..as in each suburb gets a time off for an hour or so (and I was screaming at the TV isko load shedding kehtey hai…time share my ass)…my friends have asked me to pick up a UPS/generator next time Im home.Acha off to the hospital, pray for me as I pray for you and yours…and ask Pipette to stop watching all those emran hashmi movies…thats where she has picked up her latest bout of serial kissing.


  2. Aneela-Arre its a light quilt..Waise you are super cool..checking blogs,before your C-sec!2B’s mommy-yes..that was one terrible week!!I hope we never have to face it again.:)


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