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She is all me..but she is all HIS

Whoever meets us,sees Aadya,comments on how she is a mini-me.Her actions,the way she cocks her head to a side,the way she smiles,her looks, her cheeks,her nose..all me..But…her heart belongs to her Papa.
We were out grocery shopping and Sanj was carrying her.He wanted to go outside to get a shopping cart,so I offered to carry Aadya..And she pushed me away. Huh?? My baby?when did she grow up so much…she pushed me away..And people were looking too.I gathered the pieces of my broken heart and walked around the store,waiting for them to come back with the cart.They came back and she had this silly grin on her face,as if teasing me,taunting me,”Look mumma,I got you!!”
So,anyway,I leaned forward to kiss her and she turned her face.I thought she was just distracted ..I tried again,and she said No! And then Sanj came from behind me,she gave him a smile and called him.He asked her for a kissie and she gave him Kichie..I tried again,no luck again.In fact every time,I asked her for kissie,she would look away and then,with a naughty smile,call her Papa to give him a kiss.
We came home and after putting the groceries away, took her to the bedroom,to put her to sleep.She was drinking her bed-time dudu,we were talking and Sanj,reached over and gave me a kiss.And this little miss, got up like an angry tigress,snarled at me,hugged her Papa Β tight and closed her eyes tight. If I so much as tried talking to him,she would get upset and glare at me.I mean what did I do??What?
Anyway,its besides the point that she came to me,after he had fallen asleep.Yeah whatever.
Its true,all girls are daddy’s .I was one,am still one..So,I guess its only fair,my little girl is her daddy’s too!
Here’s a song for all the daddy’s girls,out there:
Butterfly kisses by Bob Carlisle

BTW,As for our names- Ms.Pipette started calling me Mimi when she was 7-8 months old and Bubba is what she calls,her dad..So,we are Mimi and Bubba..:D


9 thoughts on “She is all me..but she is all HIS

  1. @aneela: can I adopt Pesho PLZ??! πŸ˜€ mimi: u’re also all his na? and she’s all u. so there.. logical only! πŸ˜€


  2. awww cute ! My Bubbles is same – totally daddy’s girl. I am learning to live with it ;-)By the way, you are the first blogger from our neighbouring country to drop by my blog !


  3. :)some sons are too! Cubby does that to me too often to feel bad even!! :pshe sounds so so cute!!and mommy became mimi and baba became bubba!cool! :Dcheers!abha


  4. Aneela-sounds like a Plan!Raysh-Pesho is so cute..I think the first cat that I liked.Andyour logic is true indeed!2B’s Mommy-yes,I have been following ur blog for a while now..check your mail,u will know.When we were moving here,I was happy that atleast one of my blogging friends is close!Abha-Boys do too???aww hugs!Pooja- OKIE :)AP- yes πŸ™‚ and Imissed ur comments!Dipali- πŸ™‚ yes a little too clever for comfort!heheheASAAAN πŸ™‚ thank you!


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