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To a new friendship

When our move to Melbourne was final,the first thing I did was looking up Melbourne bloggers.At that time,I didn’t find anyone.Even after I moved here,I would keep looking at blogger’s profiles,hoping to find at least one that I liked,and was also in Melbourne,but no such luck.But,someone up there was listening and quite by chance,I came upon Aneela,through Kiran’s blog.I read her blog,and commented too,but forgot to check her profile.And then,it turned out that she was in Melbourne too!So,obviously we had to meet.And Meet we did!
And it was such a fun day.
It was the day of Christmas Parade and we,Aneela and I, were really excited about it and decided to meet early to watch the Parade..Of course,it would have been fun for Aadya  too. We couldn’t see much of the parade,as it was very crowded..I did let Aadya do a little jig on the sidewalk,every time they played the music.Anyway,we decided to head off to Aneela’s.Sanj joined us there,after getting lost at least 3 times.It was way past lunch time and I kept feeling guilty about starving her,and her site under construction.Lunch was scrumptious and the chicken to die for.We finished lunch and carried fruits and conversation to the den.Here,I have to tell you, there was never,N-E-V-E-R a lull in conversation.WE had a nice fun time,talking about everything under the sun..bloggers(naturally),food,Melbourne,Babies and all the nice and not-so nice things that come with them…and so much more.
As for Aadya,she first charmed A with her sweet smiles and lovely manners..and when she had her trust,then, started throwing small tantrums.Funniest was when Aneela’s Pesho and my Aadya laid their eyes on each other.Pesho had just woken from her cat nap and was shocked to see Aadya in her room,with her mommy..she decided to forget about stretching and went right back,under the bed.By the time Pesho finished napping,Ms.Aadya was peacefully sleeping,on her(Pesho’s) favorite couch!!! Pesho decided to ignore that slight and went out to stretch and roll in the sunny courtyard. She was having a nice time..all was well in her world.
And then,Ms.Aadya decided to wake up! And this time,sit on Pesho’s favorite chair and so on it continued.I am sure the poor cat must be getting nightmares about Aadya.Towards evening,Pesho decided that these strange people were not going anywhere and ventured out,to check us out..Aadya greeted her with a big Hulloooooo and a woarr..( i think the silly child thought she was greeting a tiger),and then went on to give her the pen that she was playing with.Really,what would a cat possibly do with a pen?Write her long letter may be?telling her how much she terrorised her?
Anywho,Sanj enjoyed unrestricted TV time while we were yapping and once the match that he was watching,got over,he decided to put an end to the fun..or so i thought then.We got in the car and realised it was almost nine.It was beautiful day ,well spent. Of course,we missed meeting the G-man..hopefully soon.
Here’s to a new friendship..:)


6 thoughts on “To a new friendship

  1. Awww, this is so sweet…I enjoyed our time together too (the start of a mutual admiration society?!!) and am looking fwd to catching up soon…and it was sooo good to bring the Princess Cat down a cat-peg or two.


  2. Hi Mimi,haven’t gone through your blog yet, but wanted to tell you about the tomatoes. The plants were there when we bought the house. They die after the season is done, and new ones come up from the ones that might have fallen in the patch. If you want to plant them, then now is the time (its end of season right now) to prepare your patch and throw some tomatoes in them. Maybe not literally throw them, but you know what I mean 🙂 Little plants will come up maybe in April or so, then you have to water them well. Make sure you water in the roots and not get the leaves too wet (keep them away from sprinklers), and keep pruning the leaves out from the bottom. We start harvesting around end of august. Good luck!


  3. no pics of pesho???am so glad u’ve found a friend there. i know the value. of finding someone u can call a friend in a strange and distant land :)very happy for both of u! 🙂


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