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The Little Piggy-banker

Ms.Aadya got a cute little piggy bank with her name painted on it.Its a white ceramic pig with lovely pink flowers painted around her name. So many month ago,Aadya laid her hands on a coin,for the first time and she refused to part with the new shiny toy. So,I asked her if she would like to save it for later..and she said “Yeah”,did I mention Yeah is her favorite word?So,anyway,we saved that coin. And then,after that day,whenever,Sanj or I had some spare change from groceries/petrol, we would give it to Aadya to put it in her Piggy bank.And then we would clap and say “yayyyy”..

Then we moved here and the local bank gave us a pink piggy as piggy bank and when they heard that we had a little girl,they gave us another one,just for her..a blue elephant.So,now Aadya has two piggy banks.The one with her name on it and the blue one and I think she likes the blue one more.Anyway,her preferred piggy-bank is not the reason for this post.The reason is her love for collecting coins.The other day,I left my handbag on the couch and Aadya took the opportunity to hang it on her shoulder and prance around.

I got distracted by a phone call and the next thing I know is,Aadya is pointing at the shelf where her precious piggies sit.I distractedly gave her the white piggy..she asked for the blue elephant..I gave it to her and then realised,something major was happening in Aadyaland.Boy,was I right or what? She had opened my handbag and discovered my stash of coins and was busy stuffing them in her piggy banks,very meticulously.For every 2-3 that went in the blue one,the white piggy got one coin too.In the end,Ms.Aadya,the piggy-banker was a tad richer and every time,I need coins,I am left fumbling in my handbag.

On a totally different note,everything is FOUNNNNNNNN (Aadya-speak for Fun)..be it brushing teeth or taking a nap,basically anything that she likes doing is FOUNN! And Piggy-banking is the most FOUNNN thing ever! Sanj left some spare change on the kitchen counter,yesterday and guess who had FOUNN?


7 thoughts on “The Little Piggy-banker

  1. Ritu ji- LOL:) Guess that’s one of the prices,you pay!Aneela-I dont think that’s hapenning anytime soon,no-one is allowed to touch those precious p-banks!Meira-:) you want me to send you one?!!Abha-hehehe yeah..a lot of funnnnn!!Dipali-:)sometimes a little too smart for me!Mad Momma-Smarter than me too!!!


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