Wednesday is now,the busiest day of the week for me. Aadi has ballet after school and I signed up for a Pilates class,that started tonight. After dropping,Aadi at school,we came back tidied up and then,a friend came over with her son.

I have to tell you about this friend-its funny how we met..One day,I was driving,taking the girls to the library or the town center,and as I turned around the corner,I saw a couple standing there.The woman looked up and  our eyes met..We smiled and waved to each other.

And immediately,Aadya,the chatterbox,asked me if I knew the lady..I said no..’Then why did you wave ?’,she asked..I said,’I don’t know I had to’..that was the end of discussion.

Anyway,a few weeks later,a friend invited us over for a cup of tea and there were some other mums there as well and I got talking to one of them.She had a son,the same age as Ananya and it turned out,he was born a day before Anaan! That was awesome..we decided to catch up again..and found out that we lived quite near each other and THEN,figured out that we had waved to each other,a few days back!  

This was about one year back..now she is one of my closest friends..and her little boy is Anaan’s special friend-she loves him to bits,but more than him,she loves his mummy.Today,she was taking a nap,when they came over.When she woke up,she stumbled over to L,instead of me.. yup…that’s how much she loves her:)

We often joke,that we know each other from some past life..specially Anaan n her-there is no other way to explain their relationship.She warmed up to L,almost instantly from the moment they laid eyes on each other 🙂

So,coming back to today,after L and J,her baby boy  toddler left,we loaded the slow cooker with some chick-pea curry and left for school pick up..came home,changed,went to ballet,went for grocery shopping.Note to self: Avoid taking Aadi to grocery stores.There are too many temptations for her. 

We had just walked inside and I was still bringing the groceries inside,when Ananya started throwing up and the sweet child decided to clean it,with her bare hands..yeah..not very nice…I cleaned her,cleaned the carpet and the phone rang-it was my bestie,asking to Skype. And we did..

Half an hour later,SD walked in and we stopped chatting.Then it was time for the kids’ baths and dinner. I served them dinner and had to leave for my class. It was my first time,doing Pilates in a group,where I didn’t know anyone..I was a beginner.I was a little nervous.But,I had fun,despite the pain. L.o.v.e.d the whole 60 minutes of it.I am pretty sure,I won’t say the same thing tomorrow,when I can’t move. LOL!

And with that..I will take your leave.. The abs are beginning to feel a little sore.. I am off to bed..more later..


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Don’t Stare!

Dear Lady in Black,sitting next to us at Costco,
Didn’t anybody ever tell you that staring is rude? Really,nobody??I have never seen anybody glare at a kid,like you did,EVER!! That too at somebody else’s kid!
And if a 4 year old’s chatter bothered you so much,I really pity your kids.Actually,that just explains,why your two beautiful girls were sitting next to you,with sullen faces.
Next time,mind your own business and direct your stares to your own kids and leave my kid alone.

Your table-mate!



This is what URLAI has to say about my blog:
A blog about the days of our life,with Our little Diva
Text analysis
littlediva.wordpress.com is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time.

I hope the 13-17 years old is seriously because of the URL!!!Please tell me…do I sound so kiddish??or should I flatter myself and think 16 forever?!!LOL!


My day today

..was just a normal day..nothing special about it..but I have a headache and want to write a no-brainer..to keep up with Nablopomo.
It was a beautiful day…slight drizzle in the morning.Just my kinda day.I love these,cool mornings,after it has just stopped raining.Everything seems so bright and clear,as if God took a big brush and scrubbed all the dirt away.I woke up,weighed myself..lost a few 100 gms and that cheered me up,instantly.Yesterday the scale showed that I had gained a few 100 gms..and so I was bummed.I know I know I shouldn’t check the weight everyday bt I am trying to get a pattern..of what increases and what decreases my weight..
Anyway,morning rituals done with,I sat down to do my yoga.I have slowly learned to stop cocking my ear to listen for Aadi.I used to feel a little guilty about taking this time for myself,but I dont anymore.Those 20 minutes each morning are pure blisss and they kickstart my day like never before.
Aadi woke up,just as I was putting the water for tea..turned the gas off and started the drama of brushing the child’s teeth.She refuses to rinse-and-spit..COZ,”My t-shirt will get wet MOM!” Thankfully,got through that without any tears or tantrums.B’fast was peaceful too.
Then started the demands for cookies.I offered to go get some.No,she wanted me to bake some.So,we decided to bake.And bake we did..that’s another story,that we messed up the oven settings and burned the first batch..the second batch was yumm.I know I know..will post the recipe later..But burnt or not,EVERY LAST Crumb is gone !
Lunch was terrible..No it tasted fine..but lunch-time was terrible.Aadi didn’t want to eat her lunch and cried screamed all the time..as a result,I ate too fast ..you know to drown the noise..I wish meal-times were tear-free!I think I need to just do a drashti for her!:(
Post-lunch,we did some crafting..Today,we made Valentine cards and made sand print/paint cards.Yes Yes,pics..tomorrow.
Evening was alright..between lunch and evening there was one more crying session ..I dont remember why,because by then,I had a head-ache starting at the back of my right eye..It just got worse.Friend S called up to ask,if we should cook together.I told her,about my grand plans of Curd-rice for the husband and and daughter and Soup and cracked wheat Salad for myself and said that they were welcome to have the curd-rice.She mumbled something about my suddenly boring diet..I took a deep breath and told her and myself..its for a little while and for a VERY GOOD Cause.When I first started the diet..I sort of anticipated this kind of reaction and so was prepared for it.Anyway,they took a raincheck and went away to a thai place instead.We ate in! 😀
Then we went out to the Reject Shop to get some craft supplies for this challenge over at Shruti’s.I have come to love the Reject Shop,the australian equivalent of a dollar-tree..though,not everything is for a dollar. Oh and bought Aadya her first Paper cutting Scissors!!Yay! We remembered about the scissors after paying for the other stuff and they dont accept card for an amount less than $10.My purse was at home..And that was the perfect recipe for a meltdown.Aadi cried and cried until,finally she comprehended that we were going home to get some MONEY for her scissors.We came home,got the change and went back,its a short drive and she had fallen asleep.
We spent the evening watching 20-20 world cup..The head-ache is still here..but..we made it through the day..:D
Does anybody,Somebody..have any pointers on dealing with the screaming and crying?I have had it with the screaming..More later ..Have a good weekend.