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All my doings and the movie

Weekends are meant to sleep-in and we are strong believers of that. We don’t make any early morning plans,we rarely meet people for lunch on weekends,because by the time we eat breakfast,most people are beginning to think of lunch and by the time,we do lunch,normal people are thinking of tea. This was pretty much what we did until a few months back.
Even when I got pregnant,I would wake up in the mornings ,ravenous..So,I would sneak to the kitchen,grab a cup of milk,drink it in bed,reading a book and then go back to sleep. Then,Ms.Aadya happened and she started waking up early..So,I’d just nurse or give her a bottle and cuddle up with her,and she would go back to sleep too.
But a couple months back,she decided that the weekend should be treated as any other day..and its a great idea to wake up early.So,now,she wakes up early..and starts playing,jumping on the bed,poking me..till I don’t get up. I hate being woken up from my sleep,and god help the one,who tries to wake me up from my slumber..well..except if that someone is Aadya. So,i wake up..and most days,being a meanie that I am..I tell her to ask papa to wake up..Bolo Utho utho baby (say wakey wakey baby) and she would just pat him.Yesterday,they were both up and I was sleeping,this little missy comes up to me and pats me on the cheek and says-“Mamma,utho utho!” Oh well,I taught her to say it!
When Sanj is in the bathroom and we are getting late for going somewhere..or sometimes,just to tease him,I have Aadya knock and tell her to say Kholo papa kholo(open up,papa). She just taps on it one or two times and then comes running to cling to me..a couple days back,I went to the bathroom and closed the door.Aadya and Sanj were in bed,reading a book.She pushed the book away, and banged the door-“dham dhaam” and screamed,”Mumma,Khollo” I mean how is that she never says it when I tell her to say it..but is ready to use it for me!!Grrr..
When Aadya is being naughty,I just wag my finger at her and scold her…or try to..Sometimes,I ask her,Understand? or Got it? Now, whenever,we are talking or arguing and our voices are raised,Aadya,wags her finger at the offending party..and says something,gibberish..we used to just laugh it off..until a few days ago,she turned towards me,when I was laughing and scolded me some more and said,”Understand?” with a dead-pan serious expression!!! I just wanted to go hide somewhere!!Need I say,how much Sanj enjoyed watching my face turn white!
And this one surely takes the cake..Sanj and Aadya were cuddling in bed and Aadya was patting her dolly. so,she was trying to put her to sleep.She was humming..aaaaa aaaa aaaaa…and patting the doll.Suddenly she got up,propped her self on her elbow and scolded the dolly..haaannnnnnnnn..ninni ninni.. was so cute..but so identical to our typical nght-time scene..Me patting Aadya..,humming,aaa aaaa aaa..and propping myself up on the elbow and scolding her,for not sleeping..haaannnn.. ninni karo.. jaldi close your eyes and ninni karo!!
Uh-oh time to change my tactics!!:D

And now the movie,that I almost watched.So,we went to watch The dark knight with some friends..I had been really down,last couple days and so Sanj planned this evening,the Batman,being my favorite and all.We got to the theatre well in time and got great seats too.There was a lot of room for Aadya to play and we were close to the exit.Besides,it was almost her bed-time. Mostly,we just go for the last show,that way,she sleep through it..Ideally,I would’ve liked to not take her..but,somethings cant be helped. So,not to digress.10 minutes into the movie,Aadya,started getting fidgety,we gave her popcorn,she munched happily.A little extra snack never hurt anyone. Pop-corn finished,she turned back and started pointing to the bag of popcorn that belonged to the people behind us. After the usual No-No’s she started watching the movie..and almost dozed off..but,then the screen lit-up,and she was wide awake.I took her out,let her run around in an attempt to tire her out.She was more than happy to run around. We played catch in the deserted upper floor lobby. Then,she started feeling sleepy.So,I changed her diaper,put her in the stroller,gave her the bottle..And started walking her.normally 10 minutes of this routine and she is fast asleep..But yesterday was something else.She just didn’t want to sleep. I walked around the mall,before it closed one time.Sanj offered to trade places..but I figured at least one of us,could watch the complete movie!
So we walked some more..and after a while,I actually started enjoying the quiet walk.When I got tired,I sat down,drank some water,gave her some water and called my dad.Had a quiet chat with him,while Aadi looked around. As soon as I hung up,she said,”Mumma Ghumi”..yes baby,I said..and off we went for Ghumi again..While everyone else enjoyed the movie..we enjoyed our own movie…Sigh.. the dark knight will have to wait..until this fair princess is awake!


Mama-Mia tagged me to tell you how quirky I am..

These are the rules:1. Link the person(s) who tagged you…(done on top!) 2. Mention the rules on your blog (here they are!) 3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged..

Hmmm..thinking…still thinking…

  • I always change my outfit atleast 2 times,before going out.There is always something wrong with the first..and then the second..and then I end up teeming part of outfit 1 with that outfit 2.Or even wearing a completely different outfit.
  • The first thing I do every morning after washing my face and bathroom trip is,apply moisturiser on my face..Everything else can wait,but not that.
  • I cannot sleep with my bedroom door open,even when I am alone at home. And no matter what the weather,I need the fan on..and my quilt.
  • I have to check my email every few hours,just to see if anyone has left a comment on my new post..with my morning cup of tea, every few hours and then finally before going to bed.
  • I cannot leave a book half way..So no matter how boring or cheesy it is,I will finish it.
  • I am crazy about taking pictures and being photographed(gasp..I can’t believe it I am saying this here!!) And I want each picture to be perfect..and every person,specially me to be perfect in the picture..So,there..if you are taking my picture..don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

And Now,since I have tag some people,I tag- Shraikh ,


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Birth Story-2

“Stay a little longer?” both of us,said together..But she had already left the room. Now,DH had moved from his chair by the TV and was sitting on my bed, holding my hand and watching the foetal monitor.He kept rubbing my hand and reassuring me that the baby is doing fine. After what seemed like an eternity,the doctor and her team came back inside and suddenly the room looked too crowded. That’s the most prominent memory I have of the day.
She started talking,in a calm ,reassuring tone.She first asked me if I was feeling any contractions.I said”No”.She said,”well you are having some..and some rather big ones. And after what just happened, with the baby,I don’t think I can let you go home, just yet.”
OK, here I have to confess,that either I was too high on the oxygen,or too hungry..but my brain just didn’t process that.So,I asked her,how long was she planning to keep me there and her answer,was short“Till this baby is born” and again,my brain didn’t process that. Instead,I started to wonder what I was going to do in the hospital for 2 long weeks!
Thankfully,DH was more alert and he asked her,”Are we looking at having the baby tonight?“the doctor said just one word,”Yes“, her face dead-pan straight.
That was a classic moment..DH, nodded,Oh.. and then did a double-take.. oh you mean,OH!!! And then I realised belatedly that this is it..the day is finally here..And I let out a big “OHH WOWW”.. after all the excitement had died and everyone was just getting ready to begin the preparations..DH hugged me and the nurse squeezed my hand..May be they thought,I was in shock..may be I was.
5:05 PM : The doctor said,she would let us know in a little while,when I would deliver.So,she asked me to change,so that she could examine me.I changed and first,a nurse came and examined me. The nurse who examined me,said I was definitely more dilated than 1/2 cm..but she had difficulty examining me.So,she called her senior,who came and examined me.
And that day,I was hands and feet were twice the normal size and my belly was BIG! Whoever came to check me asked me if I was over-due. Finally,Dr.Donn,who would deliver my baby eventually came.She checked me,she said,I was 3 cms dilated.Since I was having contractions,she asked me if I wanted to try for normal delivery,in which case,they would start me on pitocin and let nature take its course.BUT,given my CPD,she also asked me to not rule out the possibility that I may be in labour for several hours and might end up on the operation table,anyway.And while she was there,I got a huge contraction.This time I felt it.But, the baby’s heart rate dropped a little.She stayed to monitor the next contraction.In the meantime,her partner,Dr.Christie,came to check me too and she also confirmed that I was 3 cms dilated.
When the next contraction came,the baby’s heart rate dropped again.She kicked me after the contraction stopped. The contractions were getting stronger..but it was clear that she was in some kind of distress.
5:30 PM : Dr.Donn,came inside and asked us,what we wanted to do. Our decision was made,the moment Dr.Donn told us that the baby’s heart-rate was dipping with each contraction.We told her,we were ready to go ahead with a Cesarean section. And out of nowhere,my eyes filled up with tears.She came forward and hugged me..I am sure we made quiet a picture-the petite doctor,who looked just out of college,and me,huge as a whale,literally and a bawling mess. She told us,that we had made the right decision and it was about having a healthy baby.And that,she had trouble, examining me,it would be really difficult to get the baby out,unaided.That statement made me stronger and my decision,OUR decision,couldn’t have been any different.Simply because,we had made up our mind that we would not go for a forceps delivery.One of the major reasons being,a delivery that went wrong for someone close to me and the child, now is an adult,a 28 year old, with a mind of a 10 year old.
6:00 PM : Dr.Donn came back and told us that they were going to take me into surgery at 7:30 PM. And if DH needed to go home,he could do it then. And Dr.Christie came back to check on me,I had dilated a little more.When,she measured my belly,the measurements indicated that I was over due,to be precise,the measurements were of 42nd week. They all concluded that this was going to be a very BIG baby!In that one hour,I was examined by 2 doctors and 2 nurses and by the end of it,I was so tired,I didn’t even care if I was all covered up or not.I actually told one of the nurses,they should put it in the pregnancy books, that “Being PREGNANT means forgetting all about MODESTY”.
Then,the anaesthesiologist came in.He told me my options-I could either take the spinal,or the epidural . I chose epidural,after talking to him.He asked us if we had any questions,I asked him what were the chances of anything going wrong..And he answered..”Are you asking me if you can die?Sure you can die,anything can happen,this is a hospital…blah blah..”I was so angry by then,I tuned him out.
6:30PM : DH went home to get the camera.My bags were already in the car, since week 28th.And I also asked him to get Sai Baba’s Vibhuti and Sai Sat charitra.I had just finished reading it that day.(calls for another post)..Of course despite my clear instructions,the soon-to-be dad was baffled and couldn’t find things. In the mean time,I I got my blood drawn,while I called up my dad.He was just sitting down with his morning cuppa. When I first told him,I was having the baby in an hour’s time, his reaction was the same as DH’s- “Oh!..OH!!! you mean,NOW??” After wishing me,best of luck,he hung up to go pray and wait by the phone.
7:00 PM :The nurse came in to wheel me out,to the OR.I told her I wanted to walk into the room..My last pregnant walk. So,I waddled as gracefully as I could,with her holding my gown at the back.Just as I was stepping out of the room,DH arrived, we hugged and the nurse handed him his scrubs,while he handed me the Sai Satcharitra.The anaesthesiologist was waiting for me there.He explained the procedure to me then,and made me sit,with my back towards him and my hands on the shoulders of my nurse.I think her name was Karen,I can’t remember now. She told me not to move, no matter how much it hurt and if need be grab her hand tight,which I did…because it hurt.. like hell. I was so embarrassed,I am sure,I must have left a big bruise on her arm. Epidural done,they helped me lie down. I was numb from belly down.They prepped me for surgery and then,Dr.Donn walked in,with Dr.Christie in tow. Dr.Donn put the first cut and told me,”Its 7:45 PM now and you would see your baby soon.”

A little while later,DH came in.He saw me stretched out on the operating table,with a curtain held up between my chest and belly. That sight was enough to scare him.The anaesthesiologist offered him a chair.He sat there,looking so pale.I asked him,if he was feeling OK. Hearing that,the Drs. and the anaesthesiologist asked me if I was feeling OK. There was just this nice jovial atmosphere,almost like a small party to welcome the baby.Dr.Hlavacek called to check twice if everything was OK.She was my OB and she was supposed to be present for my delivery,but she had pulled a 15 hour shift and still offered to be there, but I didn’t think it was right on my part to push her.But, she kept called and stayed on the phone till it was time to get the baby out.
And then,Dr.Donn said,”OK Dad,get your camera ready,we are about to take the baby out.” And My reaction?“Oh Wow,already?so soon?” She said, “Yes,Do you have a name for her?” and I told her.DH stood up ready with his camera.They got the baby out,the man was awe-struck,he just froze there, hand poised mid-air,wife all forgotten. I asked,”Is she OK?” No response…”Is she OK?” the anaesthesiologist answered,”Yes and she is Perfect!”That moment,I forgave him. “Take a picture,take a picture..Are you taking her picture or not??”I asked DH.The anaesthesiologist,gave him a gentle nudge,”you better take a picture buddy,she is going to get up and hit u otherwise.” Poor DH, took some pictures hurriedly.
At 8:33 PM,Dr.Donn said,”Welcome baby girl,Aadya!” and 5 secs later,I heard her cry.It was the sweetest sound ever.That moment,life as I knew it,changed forever. When he first heard that cry,DH,immediately moved from my side to go watch over her. Baby Aadya was cleaned, DH got to cut her umbilical cord,with shivering hands,after the attending Pediatrician, told him,”Its OK,it won’t hurt her.” Of course,since it was a C-sec,this was just symbolic.The nurse then,helped him,put a tiny hat,on the baby’s tiny head. Finally,it was time for me to see my baby.
DH, sat down on the stool next to my head and the nurse handed him the baby.So engrossed was he, in looking at her,that he completely forgot,that he was sitting there,so that I could see her.I just got a quick glimpse of her and then,he shifted position and then,all I could see was,his hand.And he later told me, that instead of kissing the baby,I had kissed his hand.And then,it was time to take her away to the nursery.The nurse told DH,3-4 times,”time to go dad“..but he didn’t seem to hear it..Finally,I asked him to just go with her..and he got up and left..without a backward glance…My husband and my baby..all mine 🙂
Dr.Donn,finished the surgery,talking to me, telling me she didn’t see any cysts.That my baby wasn’t as big as they imagined..But I knew I was drifting off..Sometime during the surgery,I started to feel dizzy and see stars and that’s when they put the oxygen mask on. I was wheeled into the recovery room and I promptly threw up. The nurse,went and told DH that I was out and he could come and see me. But,half an hour later,there was still no sign of,she went and literally dragged him away from the nursery. He came,hugged me..and looked me in the eye and said,”Thank you,this is the best gift,you have ever given me.”Then,he dialed out,my dad’s number and went out again..I spoke to my dad,sis..granny,aunt..all of them were surprised that I was talking to them,immediately after my surgery. DH came back to sit by my side..but he kept going out every 10 minutes.Finally I asked him,WTH? and he said,sheepishly”She is alone there.”
Awww..My insides turned all mushy,and I asked him to go be with her..while I took a small nap,so that I could be fresh,when I met HER!

P.S. If you are still reading,thank you for staying and letting me share the most wonderful day of my life with you 🙂

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My Birth Story Part 1

I have been meaning to write my birth-story for a long time now.Right after delivery,I wrote a short quick update ,but as time is going by,I find myself forgetting details.So here it is from the Horse’s mouth.

My pregnancy was very eventful-in the first trimester,my progesterone was very low and I had to take progesterone suppositories,to ensure a safe pregnancy.Somewhere between second and third trimester,I developed Gestational Diabetes and that meant a bigger baby, a possible preemie and even a possible C-section.

Also,every time,my OB-GYN examined me,she would stress on my smaller pelvis bone and explain about Cephalopelvic disproportion,and ask me to at least think about a C-section,if need be.In week 30th of the pregnancy,I went for my scheduled Ultra sound and the results were disturbing-The amniotic fluid was dangerously low. I was prescribed Long baths and bed-rest,to get up only for meals and bathroom trips. That took care of the fluid level but my OB-GYN ordered periodic Non-Stress tests(NST). From Week 31st to Week 35th it was once a week and from Week 35th onward,it was twice a week.

Week 37th -March27th, I went for my weekly checkup and when Dr.Hlavacek examined me and She could feel the head but,I was only less than half a cm dilated.And it being my first time,she expected me to go full term,my sugars were doing well,everything was fine.

That night I started getting cramps,almost like menstrual cramps..I spent the next two days lying down.I called up the nurse and she said,it seemed like my cervix was thinning and asked me to call her,as soon as I felt any different-if pains started or water broke.

March 30th,2007
I was scheduled to have another NST in the afternoon.I got up as usual and continued with my daily activities,breakfast,made lunch,cleaned and I was feeling very tired.I also noticed that the baby was moving very less.In fact at one point,when I was sitting down to eat lunch,I remembered that I hadn’t felt her move at all,all day.I called up DH and he thought,I was just being paranoid.I called up the nurse,and she asked me drink something cold,lie down on the left side and try to feel the movements.If there were four or more in an hour,things were good.So,I did just that and did feel about 4-5 feeble movements..but,I still felt something was wrong..because,my baby would always kick at least 15-20 times,during this cold water test.I was getting very anxious. I was waiting for DH to arrive,so that he could drive me to the hospital,for my NST.And he was late. I was fuming.The only other time,I had been this angry was the day,we found out I was pregnant,right before finding out.So, anyway,I kept ranting all the way to the hospital,about how he was just not serious.. and how I would have the baby and he would be in his MEETING, blah blah blah …
He just listened quietly,thinking it was just one of those hormonal attacks.
Anyway, we got to the hospital,about 10 minutes late for the appointment.And as a result,we had to wait for the ultrasound technician to be free.In the meantime,I was hooked on to the monitor,to check the baby’s heart beat.That was the first part of the NST and We cleared that with flying colors.
We were in there for about an hour then, and I asked him..Do you think,we’ll have the baby today? He said, No,lets think about what we will eat, at Udupi Palace..and we started thinking about food,and planning our Menu.Before this we had a few false scares and would be hopeful,about having the baby that day and after spending a couple hours at the hospital would go back home. All this food talk was making me hungry and we were still waiting for the ultrasound technician..So,DH, asked the nurse if I could eat something..and the sweet lady that she was,she got me some milk and crackers and peanut butter.That was going to be my last meal for the next 24 hours.
Finally around 4.15 pm,the Ultrasound technician strode in with her paraphernalia. And we started the second round of the test.Here,they were going to see- The baby’s heart beat ; The baby’s movement; Volume of the Amniotic Fluid and Baby’s reaction.
We got the volume of the amniotic fluid, which was normal.Then they checked the baby’s heart-beat,which was fine too.They made me move from side to side,change positions,and they could see the baby frown or move.But they didn’t see her move at all.The technician tried and tried and she couldn’t get the baby to move at all. So,after almost one hour,she gave up..and said, oh well,we saw her heartbeat and everything looks normal,so its OK.
She went out,and a nurse came to check on me..She looked at the fetal monitor and asked me,if I was feeling any contractions..I said No..just mild cramps,but I had been feeling them for the last two days..Then,she asked me,if I felt the baby kick..and I said,well not as much as she normally does.And we joked about the baby being tired of being inside. The nurse tried to “wake up” the baby.She got a vibrator and put it on my tummy.As soon as the first vibration hit my tummy, there was some activity..and then the second time, it felt like there were a thousand babies kicking inside my tummy.She said,”Ah that worked,she is awake now“.
I was smiling and the next thing I heard was”Oh Shit!” When the nurse said this,I knew it something was wrong.She ran out to get the doctor. And I panicked,I called out to DH, to check the baby’s heart-beat.That for me was the only indication then,that everything was OK..He was watching TV and didn’t hear me right away..I yelled ,and he saw the heart-beat and he ran out too.What had happened is that with the vibrations, her heart-rate first increased to 160 and then dropped suddenly to 60.
All of a sudden,there was a flurry of activity in the room- the resident nurse,the resident doctor,the OB nurse,the doctor on call,everyone came inside.Someone was rubbing my feet,someone was holding the electrodes steady on my tummy and someone was putting an oxygen mask on.They made me turn to the left and turned on the oxygen,that seemed to stabilise the baby’s heart-rate.The Doctor said,we need to talk and her team followed her outside.The nurse,just looked over her shoulder and said..”you may have to stay a little longer“.

To be Continued….

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10 Things

~Nm tagged me.and ever since I started this new blog,I have decided to be prompt with the tags ,so here goes :
10 Things I miss and wanna do!

10 Things I miss in life :

  1. A carefree life- a life with no worries,just fun fun fun.
  2. A nice leisurely shower or nap.
  3. My sister,constantly intruding in my space
  4. Long conversations with the Dude
  5. The mad, happy chaos at my dad’s- the non-stop ringing of the phone, people coming and going,the dog barking, everyone screaming to be heard over each other,long leisurely meals shared amidst all this.
  6. Friends dropping by unexpected and staying over for dinner.
  7. A good session at the salon-manicure,pedicure,waxing,head massage and the works.
  8. Freedom to get up and go,whenever wherever.
  9. Heart-to heart chats with my best friend,Tina..Of course we still have those chats,but on the phone..Actually what I miss most is her animated expressions.
  10. And Last,but in no way LEAST,Ma!

10 Things that I want to do in life:

  1. Get the house,of my dreams.
  2. Get to my pre-pregnancy,preasthama figure.
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Write a book.
  5. Give shape to my idea of work/business..something totally non-main stream,putting my creative talents to good use.Its still a rough idea..will talk about it more,as I get a clearer picture.
  6. Have another baby 🙂
  7. Start teaching again.
  8. Go to Mauritius&Australia.
  9. Learn to play basket-ball.
  10. Go on a real honeymoon with the DUDE!

There you go,~Nm.. 🙂 And I am not tagging anyone,because I am sure most of you must have already completed this tag.

Note: The Dude will be hence forth referred to as the GP,short for Gypsy Papa .

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Mumma makes music

Munchkin loves music..of any kind and she thinks I make it.
The other day I was washing dishes and she insisted on being picked up.I was in a hurry and so propped her up on my butt and continued washing.The rhythmic splashing on water,into the pan,to rinse it was music to her ears.And she loved it,and even let me know it was a “Good Show” by patting me ,giggling and clapping. Heck,whatever makes her laugh!
Another activity that she finds musical is,me mixing coffee and sugar in a cup,with little milk,while the milk in the pot boils. She watches me so happily.
But seriously,she loves music of all kinds.Even the cheesy title tracks to the Hindi serials,to ad jingles,and of course film songs, pop songs.whatever. As I buckle her up in her car-seat,the Dude pops in a CD in the car’s player,and the excitement on her face, followed by an excited YAYY is just precious.
On a side note- Sis and Munchkin are friends now..and the sister leaves on 24th..So,I am a little Mopey!