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All my doings and the movie

Weekends are meant to sleep-in and we are strong believers of that. We don’t make any early morning plans,we rarely meet people for lunch on weekends,because by the time we eat breakfast,most people are beginning to think of lunch and by the time,we do lunch,normal people are thinking of tea. This was pretty much what we did until a few months back.
Even when I got pregnant,I would wake up in the mornings ,ravenous..So,I would sneak to the kitchen,grab a cup of milk,drink it in bed,reading a book and then go back to sleep. Then,Ms.Aadya happened and she started waking up early..So,I’d just nurse or give her a bottle and cuddle up with her,and she would go back to sleep too.
But a couple months back,she decided that the weekend should be treated as any other day..and its a great idea to wake up early.So,now,she wakes up early..and starts playing,jumping on the bed,poking me..till I don’t get up. I hate being woken up from my sleep,and god help the one,who tries to wake me up from my slumber..well..except if that someone is Aadya. So,i wake up..and most days,being a meanie that I am..I tell her to ask papa to wake up..Bolo Utho utho baby (say wakey wakey baby) and she would just pat him.Yesterday,they were both up and I was sleeping,this little missy comes up to me and pats me on the cheek and says-“Mamma,utho utho!” Oh well,I taught her to say it!
When Sanj is in the bathroom and we are getting late for going somewhere..or sometimes,just to tease him,I have Aadya knock and tell her to say Kholo papa kholo(open up,papa). She just taps on it one or two times and then comes running to cling to me..a couple days back,I went to the bathroom and closed the door.Aadya and Sanj were in bed,reading a book.She pushed the book away, and banged the door-“dham dhaam” and screamed,”Mumma,Khollo” I mean how is that she never says it when I tell her to say it..but is ready to use it for me!!Grrr..
When Aadya is being naughty,I just wag my finger at her and scold her…or try to..Sometimes,I ask her,Understand? or Got it? Now, whenever,we are talking or arguing and our voices are raised,Aadya,wags her finger at the offending party..and says something,gibberish..we used to just laugh it off..until a few days ago,she turned towards me,when I was laughing and scolded me some more and said,”Understand?” with a dead-pan serious expression!!! I just wanted to go hide somewhere!!Need I say,how much Sanj enjoyed watching my face turn white!
And this one surely takes the cake..Sanj and Aadya were cuddling in bed and Aadya was patting her dolly. so,she was trying to put her to sleep.She was humming..aaaaa aaaa aaaaa…and patting the doll.Suddenly she got up,propped her self on her elbow and scolded the dolly..haaannnnnnnnn..ninni ninni.. was so cute..but so identical to our typical nght-time scene..Me patting Aadya..,humming,aaa aaaa aaa..and propping myself up on the elbow and scolding her,for not sleeping..haaannnn.. ninni karo.. jaldi close your eyes and ninni karo!!
Uh-oh time to change my tactics!!:D

And now the movie,that I almost watched.So,we went to watch The dark knight with some friends..I had been really down,last couple days and so Sanj planned this evening,the Batman,being my favorite and all.We got to the theatre well in time and got great seats too.There was a lot of room for Aadya to play and we were close to the exit.Besides,it was almost her bed-time. Mostly,we just go for the last show,that way,she sleep through it..Ideally,I would’ve liked to not take her..but,somethings cant be helped. So,not to digress.10 minutes into the movie,Aadya,started getting fidgety,we gave her popcorn,she munched happily.A little extra snack never hurt anyone. Pop-corn finished,she turned back and started pointing to the bag of popcorn that belonged to the people behind us. After the usual No-No’s she started watching the movie..and almost dozed off..but,then the screen lit-up,and she was wide awake.I took her out,let her run around in an attempt to tire her out.She was more than happy to run around. We played catch in the deserted upper floor lobby. Then,she started feeling sleepy.So,I changed her diaper,put her in the stroller,gave her the bottle..And started walking her.normally 10 minutes of this routine and she is fast asleep..But yesterday was something else.She just didn’t want to sleep. I walked around the mall,before it closed one time.Sanj offered to trade places..but I figured at least one of us,could watch the complete movie!
So we walked some more..and after a while,I actually started enjoying the quiet walk.When I got tired,I sat down,drank some water,gave her some water and called my dad.Had a quiet chat with him,while Aadi looked around. As soon as I hung up,she said,”Mumma Ghumi”..yes baby,I said..and off we went for Ghumi again..While everyone else enjoyed the movie..we enjoyed our own movie…Sigh.. the dark knight will have to wait..until this fair princess is awake!