Mommy time

And she sleeps….

Last three nights,Aadya had a lot of trouble falling asleep and eventually when she did fall asleep, she had trouble staying asleep.
We took turns holding her, rocking her.. talking to her, singing , but nothing worked.
DH suggested changing her swaddling blanket, and I did.I even changed her outfit. That helped a little but she woke up again in a short while.
After countless diaper checks and changes, feedings, burping and the works, we were at our wits ends.
I held her close.. The more she cried, the closer to tears I got. Finally I started kissing her face.. and she started nuzzling too.. and … she loved having mommy’s cheek so close to her own..That’s how my little angel slept.. Cheek to cheek .
She loves sleeping like that.. She wants to stay that way till she doesn’t drift off the sleep.And then I finally put her in her crib.
DH grabbed his camera and clicked a snap.

When I saw the snap,I got so emotional ..( yes! again!) Even after all these years of being together, DH is still amazed at how easily I cry.
Everyday with Aadya is a new lesson..It is so amazing, this little person, just 20 inches tall and 20 day old means so much to me..This little love of mine, trusts me so much.. my touch is so comforting to her.. I don’t have words to write my feelings for her.Everyday she gives her mom’s life a new meaning.. something new to pen down and something sweet to shed a tear or two about.

Mommy time

Aadya’s mom

That’s my new title.
We were at her Pediatrician’s office and I wanted to ask something to the nurse,before leaving. And the receptionist called out to her- Wendy, Aadya’s mom wants to ask you something!
Aadya’s mom..It sounded so natural.
I remember every time that someone introduced me as my dad’s daughter..or DH’s wife..I always felt a little .. how should I put it..miffed??? I always felt that I have my own identity and why should I be introduced as some one’s wife or daughter.. why not just as me, the person. But somehow, when I was addressed as Aadya’s mom ,it just made me feel so good..made me feel like a complete person and yet again, made me so emotional.
Thank you, baby girl, for making me a mom.. Thank you for completing my life!Thank you for completing me!
Two of my close friends,( you guys know who you are) told me that I am so motherly..Yes,I just feels like the perfect job for me.. my baby doll was the only thing lacking in my life.
Here’s to mommyhood.. and hoping to enjoy every second of it!