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To market,to market

This Sunday,we went to the market…to sell.We were supposed to set up shop,next weekend..but decided to try this week.
We set up our stall at one of the local markets.We reached there at 8.00 and by 8.30 we had displayed our wares,ranging from kids clothes,to jewellery boxes,mobile cozies,book marks,coin purses and loads of jewellery.
It was quite cold and windy and the market wasn’t very busy.
We managed to sell,very little..but so many people stopped to look..and that was heartening.
The veteran stall holders,came over for idle chit-chat,introduced themselves,welcomed us..asked us to try again,another week..reassuring us,that our things were very Good..but we chose the wrong day..
End of the day,Sanj asked me how the experience was..And I told him..It was really great..I would do it again in a heartbeat.
We go to another market,next Sunday..Send us some positive vibes and lots of good wishes.
And before you ask..there were no pics..we forgot to take the camera.


16 thoughts on “To market,to market

  1. The first time is always hard. Now that you know how to set up and display your stuff, the next time will be easier.

    I loved talking to people. Sometimes, when someone was really nice, I used to throw in a little something extra. It was bad business but yet so much fun.

    Take the camera next week,


  2. How exciting! I wouldn’t even have the nerve to think of something like that….I am impressed Trish! Next time, don’t you forget that camera. Wow! And don’t worry about not selling…this is just your first time, nah? Have fun next time.


  3. Wow that must be fun. My MIL exhibits stuff in exhibitions mostly during Rakhi & Diwali & it’s so much fun for her.
    All the best for next time & do not forget to take your camera 🙂


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