Lost and gained and losing

Today,I checked my weight-loss diaries. After Ananya’s birth in July 2011,I started my weight-loss journey seriously,like my life depended on it.I started off with just eating good home cooked meals.By the time Anan turned two-three months,I tried to cut out almost all the processed food that I could with the exception of bread.
In January 2012,I signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. And I started exercising. I signed for the next  round of 12 WBT,when the first finished and didn’t really use it. But I kept walking and exercising and at the end of the year,by August 2013,I had lost a total of 24.5kgs.
I felt good about myself,I dropped dress sizes and lost so many cms.And then,something went off,and the kilos started to creep back in..I realised today,that I have gained back,13 kgs back…I have undone so much of my hard work.And I am so so mad at myself. But,I am so determined to shed these 13 kgs and then some to get to my goal weight.
I did it before and I KNOW I can do it again. I just have to keep at it.A couple of days back, I was whinging to SD about it,he said,”I am not worried about you losing weight..I know you can do it and you WILL do it.You just need to find ways to maintain it.” And you know what? For once,I am not going to argue with him,because he is right.
So,I have decided,no more fad diets for me.I have come to realise,that fad diets or restrictive diets make me binge.And besides,its not something that I can stick to for long.So,all I am doing now is going back to basics- Cooking and eating wholesome food. Moving more..I am still struggling to fit in any exercise..hopefully I will be able to add it to my days soon.
Anyway,Tonight’s dinner was toasted paneer rolls. I will post the recipe in a day or two.For now,feast your eyes on the photo 🙂 I can assure this healthy meal is so delicious,it almost feels like a cheat meal 😀  And that is one of my goals- to eat healthy flavorful meals.That’s the only way to stop myself from Binge-ing  and to stick to the diet  adapt a new lifestyle.

Have a Good Weekend,Everyone 🙂

Much Love,



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