Day 10

Today’s post almost didn’t happen..But I am loving the daily posts and comments and FB likes and didn’t want to take a break.
Today was a typical saturday..After I finished work,we went to the shops.The girls got hot-dogs and we split up and walked in twos-Aadi and SD went to some shops that he wanted or she wanted to and Nanhi and I went to the shops that I was after.
We came home and I got the details of a lady who sells Indian traditional wear..and she had some outfits for girls availble..so we went to her place,and FINALLY..I have an outfit for Aadya..and its Indian and its what She likes..
We came home and I made chalk rangolis and SD put up the tinsel garlands..
I am going to stop..because I am falling asleep on the laptop..not kidding..SD woke me up twice..
More later


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