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Aadya talks and Karanji Recipe-Day 12

Over the last few days,Ms.Aadya has been dropping some pearls of wisdom and I have to write them here,so I don’t forget!
She calls Ananya,”Tup-Tup”..before the last school holidays,Ananya was quite sick and had lost a lot of weight.Her chubby cheeks were gone and she had turned pale.Anyway,after the holidays,we managed to bring back the cheeks and a bit of color on her face and on one of the last days,I noticed it and before SD or I could comment on it,Aadi said,”Mom,Anani looks like Tup Tup again!” So yeah..she calls her sister tup-tup!
Yesterday morning,as I was warming milk for her-
A-“Mum,can you please make sure there is no Rus Mol?”
Me- Whats Rus Mol?
A- Oh you know the white blanket that forms on the milk after its been warmed!
Me-Speechless!! (I am guessing she made the Malai(cream) and Ras Malai connection)

On Dhan Teras day,we explained to her,we can’t go out to eat after swimming,because we are not supposed to spend money on that day.On the way back from swimming,
A: Mum,can we go out to eat?I am hungry.
Me: Remember we told you,we can’t spend any money today.
A: ohh then lets use the card!
Me:LOL!then I tell her,card is money too.. and how we need to put money in a bank to use it as a card.
Five minutes later,
A:Mommmmm,do we need money to go to Maccas?
Me: yes,baby..whatever we eat outside,costs money.
By which time,we are near the mall..she tried again..
A:Can we go into the mall and get the juice that I LOVEE?
Me:Remember no spending..
A:So what happens if you spend today?
SD:You lose your money..
A:hmm..too bad..all those people whose cars are parked there,don’t know any better..Should we go inside and tell not spend any money?
A:Ok Ok..I am just asking..would you like it if Ananya and I shout at you like that??

And when you finish laughing,here’s the recipe for you:)


Yields: 20-22
1 cup coconut(grated fresh/frozen)
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup creamy evaporated milk
3/4 cup sugar
cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
saffron strands
3 tsp semolina roasted
1/2 tsp poppy seeds,roasted.

Outer Shell:
2 cups All purpose flour
1/4 cup semolina
2 tsp melted ghee
warm water.

Oil for frying.

Method :
For the shell:
Take all the ingredients except water in a bowl and knead it into a soft pliable dough,adding little quantities of water.Cover with a wet paper-towel and keep aside.

Take the coconut,milk,evaporated milk in a thick bottomed vessel and let it cook,till the liquid has evaporated.
Add sugar,cook for two more minutes till the mix is almost dry.Take it off the flame.
Add the semolina, poppy seeds and nuts and raisins.
Let it cool.

Putting together:
Divide the dough into equal sized balls. Spread some dry flour on a clean,dry surface-the kitchen counter or a chopping board.Roll out each ball into a circle,about 5-6″ in diameter.
Put the filling in the center,brush some milk along the edge of the circle,then,lift one side of the circle and put it on the opposite side,making a semi-circle or a half-moon shape.
Fry on a medium heat,till golden brown on both side.
Enjoy-hot or cold!


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