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First Flight!

Ms.Ananya went on the plane for the first time,when we flew to Brisbane!
Both SD and I were quite nervous,this being our virgin flight as parents of two…we were both nervous but had no game plan to always we decided to play it by the ear.
Co-incidentally it was also the day my cheeky monkey turned 14 mo.That reminds me I should do a monthly update- so much to write on that front!We celebrated the turning Ā 14 months with coffee and cake in the Quantas lounge At the airport..Aadya was so excited and her spirits rubbed on all of us:)
Ananya was her usual animated self..but after a while,she started getting tired..we took turns walking around the airport with her.Did I mention that the flight was delayed? By the time they called our flight,Ananya was just about to fall asleep.When we got on the flight,she was woke up,ready to check out her new surroundings.
Take off and landing was pretty smooth…I nursed her both the times and she slept through most of the flight..I even managed to watch a movie!!She woke up,as if right on cue,just when the stewardess served,us our meals.

Aadya watched cartoons on Her screen and was really good.It was so cute to see her concentrating on the safety instructions!!!

I noticed one thing,though..unlike most times,when I take the flight to go to India,this time was stress-free.I think more because I wasn’t worried about the luggage weights,connecting flights and also because I wasn’t running around like crazy to finish everything.This was a good kind of travel.:)
It’s been over a week but I can still remember Aadya’s excitement,Ananya’s animated babbles,my own anticipation,SD’s smiles as fresh as the day:)
I am so glad Ananya’s first flight was a good one !I leave you with a pic of my newbie and seasoned flyers…


8 thoughts on “First Flight!

  1. Wonderful to know you all had a stress-free smooth start to your holiday! That sure must have made the rest of your holiday even more enjoyable! šŸ™‚


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