Weekend’s here!

Wow!This week went by so quickly.I can’t believe we are nearly in the last week of this month..1st month of the new year is getting over…Babushka starts school on 3rd February..I can’t decide if I am happy or sad.While I happy that I will get one-on-one time with Babychino,I am also sad about being away from Babs for the whole day.Ah! the Joys of motherhood- the guilt never leaves you!
This year,one of my resolutions is to lose weight..YES again! I have started walking..and I am proud to tell you that I have religiously gone for a walk every single day..if I can’t go for a walk,I make sure..there is some incidental stroll in the mall happening!
We have been going crazy shoe shopping for Babushka’s school.. yes,you read it right.They asked for leather shoes..and the first time,we went-we couldn’t find any girl shoes in heer size.We bought a pair of black runners with laces and came back.The next time we went-we found some girl shoes with buckles(I think they are called Mary Janes!)-Bought two pairs of those..One cheap,one expensive.I found her size and just bought some -just in case I don’t find it anywhere else.
The next day,we headed out again for some more shoe shopping..this time,I found her size in back to school sale..I bought two pairs AGAIN! These were also Mary Janes..So we now had 1 pair of runners and 4 pairs of Mary Janes!
Two days later,I went and returned the expensive Mary Janes…and while window-shopping,I found Mary Janes with Velcro straps- just right for my little girl-who has trouble with laces and buckles!!And there I found runner with Velcro straps too..So,I bought a pair of each!! LOL! So now we have 2 good Mary Janes and 1 good pair of runners.AND Now,I need to go return 3 pairs of shoes!I hope they don’t BAN me from the store!
While the craziness reigns in the Suburban house,one baby has been diligently trying to crawl..YES..thats right..BabyChino is trying to crawl..She has so far taken 2-3 steps(?) …a couple times..While its exciting,I am left wondering-WHY so soon? OK..I will go and catch some sleep now,before the BabyChino wakes up for her night snack..I swear..I am in a permanenet sleep deficit these days..BabyC wakes up atleast 3 times,at night and Babs wakes up sharp at 8.She then,sneaks out and watches TV on a low volume..but mother’s guilt doesn’t let me sleep much longer..Oh well….I better get going! More later..
Much love,
Suburban Mumma!


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