Hi everyone,
I hope 2012 is treating you well. Yet again,I promise to blog more often and keep this site fresh and active..2012 is making a new woman out of me..and I am hoping,I will keep this up.
So,some of my new year resolutions are..
The first one -eating healthy and home cooked.. avoiding processed food as much as possible.Last year,because of the pregnancy,my being sick and pregnant,new baby..everything just led to more and more eat-out.So,weekly menu plans are back-they have been in place from the very first day of the year..I hope we can stick to it,for the rest of the year!

The second one is-crafting more .. Last year was pretty dull craft-wise as well. This year,I want to craft more.I intend to try out a few new techniques,a few new crafts..pick up some new hobbies.

Logo credits-Josie
The extra crafting will come in handy,considering I signed up for an year-long birthday exchange on Ravelry!Yup,you read it right!
There are 22 of us and we’ll be sending gifts to every person on her birthday.The last time I got so many presents was on my 23rd birthday-when my sister gave me 23 presents 🙂 Anyway,I mailed out the puffies for the January birthday girls and I can’t wait to share here what I made for them..more importantly can’t wait for the Birthday girls to get their presents!
I will share pics here,as soon as they receive the parcels..
Hope you are having a good year!!


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