Last week,I was looking at some pics that Sue had shared of her son’s school craft exhibition.Those pictures immediately took me back to the arts and crafts exhibitions,when I was a kid.We were allowed to submit items,other than the ones we made in school and my mom would plan some and we would work on them together through out the year.
And then,today, Ms.Aadya told me that she wasn’t very happy with me.She reminded me that we haven’t done anything fun in a long time.When Aadya says fun,she means business…and business being,Arts and Crafts. And so her guilt-ridden mommy decided to launch an Arts and Crafts Marathon. For the next 2 weeks,I have decided to do at least one arty-crafty activity with her..every single day. Of course,I haven’t told it to her,because saying something to her,is like carving it in a stone..and I cannot risk that. Also,I hope the baby co-operates and we can get through these two weeks and have tonnes of fun arts and crafts to show,at the end 🙂
And since all good things become better when done with friends,I figured,I will ask you to join me..Here’s a big shout-out to all you Mommies and Daddies, who would like to join in the fun..Come join the fun… The craft-a-thon starts on Monday,26th September and ends on 10th October.
Before we begin,just a few pointers:
If you have your own blog,blog about your craft of the day 🙂
If you don’t have a blog,you can send me pictures and I can share them here.
You don’t have to be a mom/dad to join this craft-a-thon,you just have to be craft lover.
If you find the idea for your craft,from another website,do link back to them.If your inspiration comes from a book,then,please share the name,so others can enjoy it too.
And lastly HAVE FUN!


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