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He is the biggest one..

Yesterday,we were on our way back from a random shopping trip and had to stop in the middle of the road to complete our turn. Ours was the second car and the light had already turned Amber..But the car in front didn’t move.So,SD honked to ask the guy to move. He moved ahead and then rolled his window down and put up his finger..SD showed him the finger too…The guy in front turned and started saying something..Now our windows were still rolled up and I cannot read lip-movements to save my life.But the next thing I know is,SD had rolled his window down too and was shouting,”You are the biggest ONE!”
The Guy in front started his car and then backed up… OK by now,I was freaking out.. SD tried to drive the car from the side..The guy in front,just turned to the left and stopped the car.
I kept checking the side mirror and at the same time,was yelling at SD,”What were you thinking..What if he had a weapon?Do you even know who he is??” In my defence the area,we were driving through is famous for gun-totting hoods.. Anyway,at the end of my outburst,before SD could open his mouth to say anything,a little voice piped from the back seat,”Mumma, he is the biggest one!!”
SD burst out laughing..I was still fuming.. I asked him why did you say that.. what if it was someone from the hood.. And SD continued laughing and said,if it was,then he wouldn’t be showering me with choicest curses in Hindi…And then Babushka’s sentence said in all innocence became even more hilarious…Even now when I am writing this post,I have a goofy grin pasted on my face!!!


6 thoughts on “He is the biggest one..

  1. Hmm Wrong thing ot do, I totally understand what you said.. with you and the little one in the car I think SD got carried away with emotion..
    sorry to say that..

    I would say the same he should not , these days people are idiots and patience is no more they get angry at any little thing, I try to avoid all the time but Since generally i am slone while driving I can afford to stop the car and get my baseball bat out..
    and also I got a ICARD which makes most people shut up and come out with Sorries .. But thats me ..

    Take care SM.. and SD tooo πŸ™‚


    1. I knowww what you mean,Bikram..I was quite surprised to see him like that too.. specially when we were in the car..
      ohh and the Icard must really come in handy at such times..:)


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