Why I love being a mom to Babushka

*Mush Alert* Please feel free to skip!

Where do I start? sweet little Angel.. My sweet little baby šŸ™‚ Ohh no no If I say, you are my little baby,mera chota baby,she says,No..I am your big baby-the baby in your tummy is your chota baby.
Some days I am very tired or moody and even the smallest things irritate me and make me yell. Even SD loses his cool on such days..when he should know better..but never my little baby..She just covers her ears and says,”Why must you shout?I don’t like it when you hurts my feelings..” How can I yell then..I have to just give her a hug and that cools me down.On other days, she starts pretend laughing.. till I don’t join her laughing loudly.Then we hug and be friends!
When we go to the hospital,she is a chatter-box..talking to he nurses n midwives.’Hello I am Babushka … and then she starts her conversation!:)As soon as I lie down on the bed,she refuses to leave my side.even if SD or my cousin tempt her with treats..Only when I ask her to go,she leaves reluctantly.But not before telling me,that she is right outside and that she loves me and she will miss me! Awww..just writing this,makes me tear up..and I know its not just the hormones!
Every night when we go to bed,she has to sleep in such a way that we are facing each other.. She moved into our bed,last year or the year before..I tried to move her out.. half-heartedly.. because I loveeeee feeling her warm soft body snuggled up next to me..As I got bigger with the pregnancy,we tried to move her out to her bed again.. but..ended up moving SD out:D And now..when I change sides and positions through out the night,she is so sweet and accomodating..Even in deep sleep,she moves to my side,feels my face with her hand,snuggles up with a soft sigh and goes back to sleep with a smile on her face.
I remember when she was 2,we went to India and I used to wake up early,to have chai with my dad..and my sister would scoot closer to her..I don’t know how..she knew..but she did.. she would feel my sister’s face,her hand and then say,’Masi..where’s Mumma?’… Even now.. 5 minutes after I wake up,she is up and looking for me…
Even on days I am very tired and feeling out of it,she tell me..Mumma I love you so much.. Mumma,you look so pretty..with so much love in her leaves me breathless.
I always wondered what they mean when they say,You may be someone in the world..but to someone you are the world…My little Baby,makes me feel like I am the WORLD… she makes me feel like the most special person on the face of this earth! Love you Babushka,for making me a mom… šŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Why I love being a mom to Babushka


    three cheers to BIG Baby Babushka

    Hip hip hurray
    hip hip hurray
    hip hip hurray

    God bless …


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