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Another guilt trip:)

Oh Gosh!! This blog is turning in to a major rant/guilt/crib space.. Please please bear with me people,its the hormones:D
Anyway,today’s guilt trip is about Babushka’s dance show.
Its on Sunday. Her dance school is conducting a talent show.And we expressed interest.Babs is in two numbers..the welcome song and the good bye song. She is the youngest performer..All others are atleast 6..and up. Her dance teacher encouraged her participation and here we are!
She was going to send a youtube link of her steps and I was to make her practice at home.But,we got the link only on Monday and I fell sick on Tuesday,so I couldn’t really get her to practice a lot. We did a round or two of practice..but thats about it.
The show is on Sunday and today was the grand rehearsal,with costumes and stuff. We went there and when it was Bab’s turn,she came on the stage,rubbing her eyes..I thought may be she is shy…she got a bad case of stage fright..and her lip started the time,it was her turn to exit the stage,she was in tears.OMG!I felt so sad.. like why did I ever put her name in the list..
I went backstage,while they were waiting to practice again..and gave her cuddles and asked her what happened and she said,she was scared..she didn’t want to do it..I told her where I would be sitting and watching her..and its OK,she is doing a great job and if she forgets the steps,she could just do what the girls on her left and right are doing. She said OK..after some more hugs and kisses,I came down.
I sat right in the front.. but again when she came,she didn’t know,where I WAS!!! Again the same,rubbing eyes..etc..but she spotted her dad..and kept looking at was only in the end that she saw me and smiled.
When she went up on the stage for the goodbye song,she knew where exactly,I was sitting and she very confident..She still didn’t know all the steps,but she was following them,to the T.
Later,we asked her again,why was she crying.. and she said,because she thought,Mummy wasn’t watching her.
Oh,God!I am tempted to wear a bright sparkling outfit on the day of the show-you know the glow in the dark kinds!!LOL! Atleast she will know where I am sitting…On a serious note,I do plan to show her where we are sitting,so that she doesn’t freak out then.


8 thoughts on “Another guilt trip:)

  1. Oh God! This guilt never goes does it? Once you have kids guilt becomes part of life.

    I hope Bab does real real well for the final show and comes out smiling.

    Hugs to her. 🙂


  2. Awww..Cute :). Stage performace .. Awesome!
    Am sure she will do grt on sunday.
    And believe me we all mommies have our share of guilt trips… U r not alone 🙂
    Enjoy n gud luck for sunday!


  3. So how was it how was it? Arey stage fright for Babs is okie right? and dont we all blog to rant ??? bolo bolo 🙂

    And in R’s case its ulta..when she see’s RD or me, she stops dancing and shouts ‘amma, mereko yahan se le lo’ with all drama included !!!


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